Time to Enjoy Some App Love….


June 15, 2012 by Kim

Although I am fully somewhat aware that the world does not (and nor has it ever) revolved around me… I can not help but notice that the release of the new app “Time to Enjoy” seems to have run concurrent with the release of the children from school for summer and my own purchase of my very first iPhone.

Have they been watching me???


Wait… What’s that?  You don’t have a clue what the heck “Time to Enjoy” actually is?

Well, shoot…. let me school you.

*and this will probably be the only thing I can “school” you on, regarding my phone… considering I had to hunt down a fellow iPhone carrier at work, to show me how to turn my phone back on after it had died…*

Baby Steps…

So, Time to Enjoy …  Let me first tell you.  I am PICKY about the apps I actually end up downloading to my phone.  I wouldn’t feed my baby garbage and I don’t want to feed my new phone garbage, either.  We’re homies…

The idea behind Time to Enjoy intrigued me, from the very start.  We live in a smallish town that is kind of in the middle of a big blob of no where…

and desert… lots of desert

Finding interesting things to do can be daunting, most of the time… and you can only go to Calico Ghost Town so many times, before you are officially a resident.

Enter Time to Enjoy… Time to Enjoy will find your butt something to do.  Remember all those times that you complained to your parents about being bored and how there was nothing going on.. and then your Mom would swoop in and all of a sudden you’d be outside, pulling weeds… or trimming the lawn with scissors.  Time to Enjoy is kind of like that…. only WAY nicer.  Time to Enjoy will actually find you stuff that you WANT to do… No manual labor required.

Did I mention it’s simple to use?  Crazy simple!  Oh, let me guess… the fact that I’ve been able to figure it out probably gave that away.  Jerks

Basically click the app and you see a calendar.  You tap the time of day in which you are expecting to possibly die from boredom… Time to Enjoy gives it a little bit of thought and returns to you a list of happenings within the area you specified.

Interesting happenings… not crappy ones like a traffic jam or the onset of a War of the Worlds…  only cool stuff.

Once you find something that is to your liking, you can add it to your calendar, purchase tickets and obtain more information… regarding the event. Shoot, you could even take screenshots of your newly discovered events, post them on Facebook and brag about all the cool stuff you’re doing lately.

Oh, yeah… and the app is FREE

Could this get any better?  Doesn’t it always…

The people behind Time to Enjoy want you to try to win some stuff…

and not lame stuff either…

That is, unless you think a $500 Target gift card -OR- a day at the races in Del Mar California (Southwest Airline voucher and hotel accommodations paid up to $500) is lame…

The contest rules are pretty straight forward…

  • Download the Time to Enjoy App (available on iTunes) and share it on Facebook and Twitter
  • Follow @timetoenjoy_app on Instagram and then post a photo of an event you found on Time to Enjoy onto Instagram using the hashtag #timetoenjoy_app.
  • Head over to my Facebook Page *kimberliah78* and leave a comment letting me know that you’re part of the cool kid group and have downloaded the app…  We can make matching T-shirts and stuff…

This contest is running from June 6th to June 30th.  One lucky reader from all the different blogs participating will randomly be chosen to win a $500 gift card OR the $500 voucher for the hotel and airfare on Southwest airlines.

Good Luck!!!


3 thoughts on “Time to Enjoy Some App Love….

  1. twindaddy says:

    “considering I had to hunt down a fellow iPhone carrier at work, to show me how to turn my phone back on after it had died…*”


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