Promises, Promises…


April 7, 2012 by Kim

Words can hurt…

I’ve learned this fact fairly recently.

They can also inspire rage…

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Another thing learned recently.

It appears I have enraged one of my readers… kind of by accident.

Sort of.

About a month or so ago, I came up with what seemed to be an awesome idea.  I was going  make a request on my Facebook Page to have people leave a one word comment.  I would then, at some point, post an entry using every single word that was suggested.

I figured that I would get maybe…7 or 8 words to be used and that it would be a piece of cake.

I really need to stop figuring things.

The words started flying…

It was almost awe-inspiring.  Words were left on my Blog’s Facebook, words were left on my personal Facebook. While browsing Wal-Mart, words were being stuck to my forehead with Post-It notes.  I would awake in the morning to find carrier pigeons, sitting on my window sill, words wrapped around their tiny legs.  Strangers would pass by me and whisper a word towards my ear.  It was getting completely overwhelming.

Words on words on words on words

I like challenges, but this one was giving me a headache…. so, I formulated a plan.

I would “forget” to write the post…. and eventually people would forget my idiotic promise.

So I “forgot” and life went on.  I didn’t hear too much regarding my abandoned post and I sure as heck wasn’t going to bring it up.

and I thought I had gotten away with it.

I hadn’t, though… Oh, Lord, I hadn’t

It only takes one person.  One single person to rally against you so hard that you feel like the walls closing in around you…

She had provided her word and by-golly she was going to get her post.  I tried my ignore tactic the best I could, however she was relentless.  Her own personal battle had been waged against Kimberliah and all it stood for.  She was not one to be ignored.

I would log on to my computer, at work, and my screen saver would be changed to a picture of Her Word.  I would receive a phone call from a restricted number, upon answering all I would hear was the hoarse whispering of Her Word.   I would exit my shower, only to find Her Word written into the steam on my bathroom mirror.   I would be emptying my pant’s pockets on laundry day and pull out Her Word scrawled onto a bubble gum wrapper.  I ate Chinese food one night, the paper that was released from my fortune cookie merely said Her Word.   At one point, I swear I saw a small plane circling my block with a banner that read Her Word.

…and did I mention that we don’t even live in the SAME STATE???  In fact we are about as far across the United States from each other as 2 people could possibly be.

I think she finally broke me, though.  I was trying to remain strong…  But,  when my kids came home from school, one day last week, all wearing T-Shirts with Her Word printed across the front, I knew I had to end this…. and end this I will.

I’m done, I surrender

Your post will be written, Annie-Rae

My next entry will detail Dickie’s somewhat newly found hatred of his old buddy, Justin Bieber.

I promise… and if I can’t make it come together, I guess this will be last post ever.

and by the way, A-R… knifingbieber is totally MORE than one word!


2 thoughts on “Promises, Promises…

  1. Annie says:

    Woooo hoooo! Finally lol

  2. Where’s my word post?

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