Welcome to Jack in the Box…


March 18, 2012 by Kim

The girl working the drive-thru window, at Jack in the Box, hates me.

…or hates her job.

…or just hates life in general.

It’s one of those three, for sure…

Might even be all the above

I really don’t like being hated, though

I did nothing notable to provoke her ire.

I promise.

Wanna hear about it… hear goes.

Wow.  I mean “here” goes.  How embarrassing

So, our encounter began tonight… I had just finished up grocery shopping and I’d be damned if  I was going to put away all those groceries and still have to create something for dinner.


So, after a brief conversation with the Hubs regarding his JitB preference… I was on my way.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

and might I add that the previously mentioned conversation took place illegally on my cell phone… while I was in my car… driving

I’m kind of have some gangster tendencies… try not to be scured

So, anyways, I arrived in front of the menu board at the JitB drive-thru.  I planned to order 2 Jumbo Jack meals for the older boys.


JitB is a tricky little establishment.

For the last 94 years a Yumbo Yack Combo has been a #1

If there was ANYTHING that was certain in this cruel backwards world it was the simple fact that if you ordered a #1 at JitB, you would soon be the recipient of your very own Jumbo Jack, fries and the beverage of your choosing

Consistency… It works

Well, as I stared at the menu board, I noted that a #1 was no longer a Jumbo Jack meal.  I can’t even recall what meal currently resides in that coveted spot, now.  Honestly, I doesn’t even matter.  Jumbo Jack, you’ll always be #1 in my book.

Unfortunately JitB pays no mind to my book  and I frantically searched the remaining combos in search of the displaced meal.  It took a good 25 seconds for it to finally jump out at me… all sad and forlorn looking, on the second row.

Je-bus, JitB… you’re REALLY going to downgrade the freaking JUMBO JACK COMBO MEAL to the second freaking row?

Has Jack died, or something?   This shit just ain’t right.

Photo Credit: fastfood.ocregister.com

So I pulled forward to the second menu, prepared to place my order…

and just as 2+2=4 is imprinted into our brains… without thinking, I ordered 2 number 1s

I didn’t even realize my blunder, until I say the order come up on the screen…

Son of a ….

I quickly corrected myself, with a nervous apologetic laugh and proceeded with the rest of my order

My following execution was flawless

Without. Flaw.

and I pulled forward, as directed.

and this is when I formally met  the girl working the drive-thu window, at Jack in the Box, who hates me.

I wouldn’t have been able to guess it at first.  It seemed like any standard transaction

She took my money, returned my change and receipt.  She gave me my drinks.  She gave me Dickie’s kids meal, while declaring “This bag is the kid’s meal” and then she handed me a second bag, bulging with food.  “and that’s the rest of it”

and she scampered off.

Something about the second bag seemed kind of off and if there’s one thing I despise, it’s driving all the way home and realizing, in the familiarity of your own kitchen, that your order is royally jacked up.

I dug through the bag validating our order when it dawned on me…. my side salad was MIA

Shit… I could tell she was getting super busy, but that was a majority of my dinner, right there…

I got her attention and said that my side salad was missing.

As she approached the window I repeated myself, once she came into earshot…  She mouthed the word “Oh” and tossed me a little plastic cup of red sauce and pivoted to retreat

marinara sauce?

Side salad… marinara sauce….

Yeah, not seeing it

I managed to get her attention, once again, before she propelled herself to the the front registers and she returned looking more than a little annoyed.

The “Yes?” that was directed towards me had an icy tone to it.

Taking note of  the 25 cars that were now lined up behind me, I tried to relate to the hectic pace going on inside and not get irritated with her emerging crap-tastic attitude

Again, I repeated that I did not have the side salad that I ordered.

I said it nicely, I swear… I think I even tried to smile.

I briefly saw her eyes flash and her face cloud over… she spun around and paced away

Just as she left my view, I heard her angrily exclaim “FUUUUCK!!!” as she entered the kitchen area, where she was retrieving my forgotten salad

I can only be nice for so long.

Being nice time was over.

I tossed the stupid marinara cup thing back towards the window.

“Are you f@cking kidding me?” I yelled into the open window

“I already paid for that damned salad, don’t act like it’s f@cking putting you out to actually have to retrieve it!”

 She then returned with my salad and without even looking at me pushed it out towards my awaiting hands.

Our level of irritation with each other, at this point, was pretty much equal

… and I drove away mad

Rule number 1: Don’t piss off the blogger because she will write about you…

Photo Credit: jimkukral.com

Look, I get it… fast food is a crappy job. Been there, done that.

and I’m totally aware that some customers can be complete assholes.

Every day.

But, if your customer is trying to be friendly… and attempting not to make that little portion of your work week a living Hell… don’t take that shit for granted….

and don’t be a bitch, just because you forgot my salad

…that I freaking already had PAID for

Oh, and put the damned Jumbo Jack combo back in it’s rightful place



One thought on “Welcome to Jack in the Box…

  1. OMG!!! She must be the same girl who gave me hell because Derrell likes to eat ranch on his tacos!!! No matter how many times I told her he doesn’t like their taco sauce she kept telling me she could give me a lot! I even said I didn’t mind paying for it and she said she unless I ordered chicken strips she couldn’t sell it to me!! WTF!!! When did JinTB become the Fort Knox…not to mention in the 4 yrs we have been dating she was the 1st person to say no…sure the person at the window usually looks at me funny but I don’t care…I’m not the one eating it! Either it is the same girl or this staff could use some SERIOUS customer service training!

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