I’ve Lost the Spring in my Step…


March 14, 2012 by Kim

One little sentence has found its way out of my mouth multiple times, this week

While I am no stranger to this phrase… the sheer volume of its usage, over the last 3 days, is mind-blowing

There have been a few instances where I don’t even realize that I’ve said it, until the person that I’m conversing with nods their head in agreement.

It is to the point where I’m getting tired of hearing it… but, I just can’t seem to stop myself.

The most over-used phrase of March 2012, to date?

“I am SO freaking tired”

There are many variations, that have been used, over the last 72 hours

Usually it’s peppered with profanity and served with an extremely hefty yawn.

Fortunately, most feel the same

I have yet to utter my complaint to someone who dares to respond with a chipper rebuttal

…and if this did happen

they would probably disappear, at least until Fall

I will not be ashamed, I will say it…

I HATE “Spring Ahead”

with a fiery passion, which is usually only reserved for stretch marks and people who fail to turn off their turn signals

Photo Credit: someecards.com

I hate it

and I  always will…Nothing will change my feelings towards this retarded time change…

I don’t CARE that it stays light outside later

I don’t CARE that… well, crap.  What else is there?

So, it stays light outside later…. That’s why I should swoon over the stupidity that is Spring Ahead?

See, here’s the issue… It’s 2012.  We have electricity and stuff

If I want light I will flip a switch

You don’t have to steal a whole freaking hour of my time to accomplish this feat.

Light isn’t really one of the Earth’s big mysteries, anymore… I’m pretty sure we’ve got that one covered.

So here I am now… 4 days into this time change.

I’m still tired and I’m still complaining

“Oh, you’ll get used to it….”

Screw. You.

Spring Ahead 2012, you have ruined everything

We misplace an hour and now all of a sudden everything is a hot mess.

I bought the wrong milk

I ate a bad olive… actually two

My Scentsy wall warmer thing is turning on by itself

The Beast is trying to dry hump the children, while they sleep

Two of my favorite pairs of shoes were put into the wrong closet

We ran out of peanut butter WAY before we ran out of jelly

Shows being DVRd are stopping at the 11 minute mark

I could go on and on…. and on

in fact, as I’m typing this… Hubs is sprawled out on our bed, possibly half-dead, trying to find his extra hour

God, I hate you Spring Ahead… and all of your time-devouring abilities

You hear that, Spring Ahead?



Please be sure to stay tuned into the Fall season, when I declare my undying love and affection for “Fall Back”

Fall Back… you complete me.


One thought on “I’ve Lost the Spring in my Step…

  1. It should be called Stagger Ahead, because most people are too flippin’ tired to have any spring in their step!

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