Much Ado About Ramen…

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March 5, 2012 by Kim

Ramen has been a staple in my pantry since early adulthood, when I first ventured out on my own

13 years ago it was there by necessity.  It was easy to prepare, virtually impossible to ruin and most importantly…cheap

Fast forward to today and there is still a constant stream of ramen moving through our household

It has been Dickie’s favorite food…. for the last 6 years and is one of the main ingredients in every dish that Hubs claims that he is able to prepare

I have yet to meet a person that detests the goodness contained within a ramen noodle

and to tell you the truth, if such a person actually does exist…. I really don’t want to meet them

because we’ll probably end up in some stupid ramen based argument…

and it will somehow turn all West Side Story on me… and the ramen hater will be singing and dancing all confrontational-y

and I’ll just be sad because all that snapping is hurting my fingers and none of the Sharks or the Jets showed up to have my back…

So, why am I choosing to muse about ramen tonight?

Well, to make a long story short…. The good people at sent me the following infographic and asked me to share it with the world of Kimberliah…  all 17 of you

We Love Ramen Infographic

…pretty interesting stuff

Want some random ramen facts… from the front lines of my house?

Of course you do….

If Dickie is given the choice of Ramen or McDonalds for dinner, he will actually briefly pause to consider the options before shrieking “McDONALDS!!!”  flailing wildly and slapping me on the ass…

 I have been known to eat uncooked broken-up ramen with my sandwich, when we run out of chips

My household consumes 3 kinds of ramen.  Red, orange and green

Hubs could probably prepare a 6 course Thanksgiving day meal, utilizing only ramen, food coloring and wire hangers

There is a correct and VERY incorrect way to break ramen, while still in its package

Dickie will yell at me if he suspects that I am even thinking about breaking ramen the incorrect way

I have thrown a package of ramen against a wall, in a fit of anger

Throwing a package of ramen against the wall in a fit of anger is NOT the correct way to break the noodles

It is entirely possible to cook ramen for too long

Ramen that has been cooked for too long can be used as a body pillow

…a gross sticky mush body pillow

Kids will still eagerly consume over-cooked ramen

Over-cooked ramen will never completely come off the colander

Everything afterwards that is drained in the previously mentioned colander will inherit little specks of old over-cooked ramen

…and no-one will ever even care


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