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February 21, 2012 by Kim

I’ve decided to start a new (possibly weekly) feature on my blog.

Allow me to explain…

Last night, while browsing through some of my blog’s dashboard features, I noticed a disturbing occurrence

Posts with very… VERY minimal views

Like, the views could have possibly all been done by myself…. my mom… and a random stranger who happened to land on my page on accident

These are early posts… but still chuckle worthy

They deserve a chance, damn it!

For whatever reason… the poor souls got no play

So, today will mark installment number 1 of…

Pimp my Post

… because wallflower posts need love too


Who’s Going To Be The Smart One Now…  originally posted 8/23/2011

Total views to date: 26 (ouch)

Let’s face it, fellow parents…. as much as I am aware that we are not supposed to admit this, it is common knowledge that only one kid can be the “smartest” of your brood.  We’re not talking favoritism here… merely IQ



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