The Purse Entry…


February 13, 2012 by Kim

For the last few weeks I had been planning on doing a “what’s in my purse” entry…

I figured that it would be a fun, simple post

I could merely dump the contents of my  purse onto the counter-top, snap a few crappy cell-phone pictures and make humorous comments about the oddities that follow me around each day.

But, then something happened.

The purse was dumped….

I scanned over the  items, laying exposed, on my counter


expired coupons

old receipts


hair tie

gum wrappers

ummmm…. where’s all the cool funny stuff?  This crap isn’t funny… I can’t even try to make this funny….

as I took 5 baby-steps towards a panic attack, ADD brain stepped in and saved the day

I began sorting the mess into three piles

return to the purse…

throw into the trash…


how in the hell did this get into my purse…

I like making piles… piles make me feel structured and organized

and a bunch of other things that I’m not

So, the “return to the purse” pile… was returned to the purse

the “throw it into the trash” pile was thrown into the trash *after being ripped in half once…all paper trash item MUST be ripped in half…. it is law

and the items in the “how in the hell did this get into my purse” pile were returned to their rightful homes

In the end there was still one item, hanging out on the counter…

Hello there, snack sized baggie of various medications!

It hadn’t been placed back into its rightful place inside my purse yet and with good reason…

It’s a bag within a bag… and all bag must be cleaned out

This little snack sized baggie of various medications is unfaltering proof that I am aging

When I was younger, I would go anywhere with pretty much nothing except the clothes on my back…

I rarely got down with the sickness, so it wasn’t really needed

Nowadays… things are not the same

Let’s take a little gander at what I keep stashed away….

Advil (generic) : In case of headache, toothache, any kid of ache… I hate to ache. Generic Advil, take me away

Immitrex : Migraine sufferer… enough said

Pepto-Bismol : I don’t like having the shits… and can only poop at home.  A must have for when I’m on the go

AZO pills : I had a UTI, like… 19-22 months ago. Some serious time has passed. Yet, I am still terrified to leave home without them

Dramamine : NOT MINE!!!!!   Daniel gets carsick, stupid easy…. this is a seriously legit med stash, right here

4 little pouches of prescribed diet pills : Because it helps with the chuck AND my self-diagnosed ADD! win/win

These are currently the only items, that are constant travelers…

However, it is not uncommon for them to be joined by a little glass jar of liquid Ambesol and about 13 Q-Tips

The way I see it, each additional item that becomes a “regular” probably ages me by about 3 years…

I’m like one step below a raging hypochondriac…

I may not always think that I’m sick

but, I’m constantly prepared, should the chance arise.


One thought on “The Purse Entry…

  1. Yes, I totally understand how all discarded paper must be torn in half before going in the trash – but then I got a shredder! Shredders rock and you should get one! And hey, nothing wrong with being prepared – after all “Be Prepared” is The Boy Scout motto. I think they print it on the outside of condom wrappers now along with the Boy Scout seal and pass ’em out. Cause kids grow up fast these days… although a lot of those condoms probably still get used by the 12 yr olds for water balloons – which is a good thing!

    Funny post! 🙂 Even if I don’t carry a purse.

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