Decoding the Post-it Note…

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February 12, 2012 by Kim

I honestly feel that I possess the attention span of a rock

 I try… and I really do have good intentions… but my brain gets bored extremely quickly

and it’s on to the next one…

If you were to visit my cubicle, at work, you would see brightly colored post-it notes engulfing a 2 foot radius around my computer monitor

I learned a long time ago that if I don’t write it down, it WILL be forgotten


like, super instantly…

like, you’re not even done with your sentence and I’m already looking elsewhere and thinking about what I’m going to eat for lunch “instantly”

and it’s really not intentional… I swear

I have no control over this wandering brain of mine…

I was born unto a couple of long-haired hippies, in the late 70s

wandering is in my genetics

So, back to my collage of Post-it notes… even they are not fool-proof

sometimes, I will run completely out of usable surface space and start double and triple stacking my little reminders

**whoa, the dog  just farted and it kind of smelled like bacon…. Impressive Beast, impressive***

OK… let’s stay focused here…

Post-it notes.


Stacks and stacks and stacks.

Once every week or two… or seven, I try and go through all of them to see what information is still pertinent and what can be tossed into the trash

They end up in multiple categories… which ultimately decide their fate

*This Post-it clearly shows me that everything has been completed… Prepare to be crumpled and proceed to the trash, Post-it

*This Post-it is a little trickier… I don’t THINK it’s still needed, but there’s just so much damned information on it!  Retain your current placement, Post-it… you scare me

*This Post-it is one of my nemesis’  When it resurfaces I will have no clue what that number means, or when exactly I wrote it… tomorrow could have been 3 weeks ago… or tomorrow.  Retain current placement, Post-it… probably forever

*This Post is merely a friendly reminder, from myself… Retain current placement, Post-it

*This Post-it makes my blood run cold.  It has seen a few birthdays, and yet it hangs around.  There is something about it… some kind of power it holds over me… My complete lack of understanding, in regards to its various messages, make it a keeper.  Not a happy keeper though… It is only kept by intimidation… and also in case I ever need to know how to spell mayonnaise…. incorrectly

I think it goes without saying… Retain current placement, Post-it… Retain as long as you feel necessary


…and just to solidify my earlier statements, expressing woe over my complete lack of any kind of attention-span…

When I sat down to begin this post, it was supposed to be about items found inside my purse….

Did you see anything about a purse in there?

Yeah, me either….


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