Tramp Stamp…


February 6, 2012 by Kim

I am pleased to report that in the  previous 13+ years, that I have been actively raising children… I have successfully managed to keep them all alive.

I keep waiting for some kind of fancy award to come in the mail…. I hope that they were aware of the recent postal rate increases…

Geez…. how much are stamps now?  like, $1.57?

Thank goodness I haven’t really had to mail anything since… 1987

*** That last mailing was when I sent in roughly 459 box tops from Frosted Flakes, to receive a tiny square of the almighty astronaut ice cream***

Neapolitan, Bitch

So, back to my living, breathing childrens…

Those little bastards are durable.

and thank goodness for that.

Tiny Daniel has never starved to death, Dee-Dee-Deeeee Anthony has never absent mindedly fallen off the top of a mountain and Raging Dickie was born cute enough to escape the blackout wrath his ass-holery sometimes brings on..

I wish someone could explain, to me, how I can manage to keep these 3 complex little humans alive for years and years and years… but a houseplant can’t even last a week.

and now my website is sick

it has a little bit of a cough…

or at least I thought it did.

My site’s symptoms began about a week ago…

I innocently attempted to click my link, on Facebook, and instead of kimberliah’s welcome mat, I was greeted by a big scary warning sign.

Stating that my site was abusive…

Abusive…  kimberliah? Surely, you jest.

So I have to admit I went a little crazy over the next few days… it was a flurry of emailing the site,, which placed me on the black list to begin with…. scanning my computer… scanning my site, several times… attempting to  convince people that they would not spontaneously combust if they choose to click that beautiful ignore button… more emails to the black list website… an email to WordPress…. an hour or 2 spent crying, face down on my bed….  a moment of insanity where I almost vowed to never blog again…. and a tub of chocolate ice cream

I still haven’t managed to get to the bottom of this…. I know my computer is clean…. I know my site is clean…. what I can’t figure out, is how to get these ASSHOLES to release me from their black list.…. I’m talking to you!!!



4 thoughts on “Tramp Stamp…

  1. kpchicken says:

    Sometimes I think there is an internet mafia that doesn’t random stuff just to piss us off. Maybe it’s “Raging Dickie” committing more ass-holery? Who knows, but I’m glad you’re here.

  2. Who the hell is anyway? And why are they being mean to you? You seem like a nice enough person to me.

  3. JK Evalyn says:

    Yeah, never stop blogging. Your posts are good. Had fun reading them!

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