It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to….


January 29, 2012 by Kim

Another birthday has come and gone.

I noticed many years ago that birthdays just don’t have that same sparkle that they held in my younger days…

Being that I was an only child, birthdays were pretty much a household holiday… complete with trumpet blasts and obscene amounts of fanfare

In my own eyes anyways

When I think of childhood birthdays, the first picture that comes to my mind is the muchly coveted hamburger cake.

I HAD to have that cake….all traces of joy would be removed from my life, if I was unable to receive that cake…

and the cake, I did get

and it was awesome…. looking

the taste was somewhat lackluster, but it was the shape of a freaking HAMBURGER!!!!

Appearance totally beats out taste, when it comes to cakes that are presented to look like other food items!

So, as my birthday began, I put out a quick note, on Facebook, to have anyone and everyone  join me for the celebration, later that night… at our local watering hole, Mollies Pub

Knowing that intimidation usually works best… I also stated that anyone who chose not to show up, would be deleted from my Facebook friends, the following day…. after the hangover cleared up.

So the night flew by and while I was appreciative of the…. maybe 3 people who DID show up (possibly 2 of them by pure accident)

I couldn’t help but notice that I was about 413 people short… according to my Facebook friends list

As the night drew to a close, I couldn’t help but to think about how much it was going to suck to have to delete ALL those people… one by one

and what about the people who didn’t even have a Facebook?  How would I fulfill my promise/threat  if they had no page TO delete?

The next morning… as the headache faded, I posted the following…

and one by one the excuses began rolling in…

There’s my friend, Carrie… who had apparently befriended one of our town’s famous crazy homeless people… and preferred to hang out with her.   From what I heard, their night was spent wandering up and down 1st Street, flipping off any passing traffic…

Awe… How cute, they even got matching outfits… and hair

Carrie+Crazy Carol 4 EVA!!!

Whatever… I’ll let it slide.  Famous crazy homeless people need love too…

My friend, James, posted the following…

Ummmmm… I’m kind of at a loss of what to do with this one… I not sure that he realizes he missed My birthday bash… due to the fact that he was tied up enjoying…. my birthday bash.  James is not an ignorant man…. however, he is one of my most boisterous local blog supporters… I’m starting to question whether he understands that Kim and Kimberliah are the same individual….  It has a very Jem and the Holograms feel to it… and I kind of dig it!

and next came Randi…

After her post… in which it seemed as though she used the word “vagina” 57 times…. *she didn’t, I counted… it was only 2*   Carrie, from the 1st post, jumped in and declared Randi a “cochina” for saying vagina so many times… They sparred verbally from 10:26 to 10:34 … throwing the dreaded cochina label back and forth, like a hot potato… eventually Crazy Carol reclaimed Carrie’s attention and Randi was left to return to her thoughts… about vaginas

I do have to pretend that I feel a wee bit bad about this next one…

You have to understand… this Rocky fella and I have history…  about two and a half weeks of drama filled history.  It all started when I saw a post that my dear friend, ATC (ChadRyan) had posted for Rocky… talking about how smart Rocky was and how funny Rocky was and blah blah blah…. and this is what happened next…

We are slowly learning to live in peace, with each others existence,  since that day…  Rocky and I have somewhat resigned ourselves to a “sister-wife” type of relationship, when it comes to ATC… for the good of the creativity, if nothing else…    SO, yeah… maybe I should have specified WHICH Mollies the fiesta was at… but then again, I probably also should NOT have hired that Yugoslavian transgender woman and her goat… My bad, Rocks… my bad

I have to admit,  Tiny Racer’s (Robbie)  following confession sort of took me by surprise…

Hopefully TR will find it within himself to be the stronger man… and walk away from this doomed obsession… Peace be with you, Robbie

I had to read Audrey’s explanation about 7 times… I laughed…. I laughed hard…

and then I began to think… I had laughed a little TOO hard.  Enjoyed it a little TOO much.

and then I began to panic.



So, my friend, Pam has about 16-17 kids… I can completely understand how getting out of the house may be difficult, for her…

Well, on a positive note… I’m glad she’s not locking all them kids in the closet, anymore…. she’s got really small closets.

and finally my out-of-state friend, Beth…

Excessive pooping is legit…. However, on the day of Kim… a diaper would have worked, just fine…

Not acceptable!

…and just to show all 400something of you, who chose to opt-out, what an awesome time we had… WITH OUT all yous…

Here is ATCs post, the following day…

do feel jilted, non-show’er-uppers…. you missed the party of the MILLENNIUM

and it’s nobody’s fault but your own!

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6 thoughts on “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to….

  1. ‘Twas a glorious party and everyone that missed it will never see pictures from the vasectomy… Although I also wish I hadn’t.

  2. JoAnn Marquez says:

    WOW… I had a dr’s excuse note with a prescription and all but against the doctors orders when to celebrate your birthday even if for a brief loving split second no where near accident and no mention of little me…. even took time out of my busy life trying to find my FUTURE EX HUSBAND….was forgotten again….love you kim and happy birthday and yes even after you fondled me and then left me …..

  3. I hope you had a fantastic birthday!

  4. Thypolar says:

    Excessive pooping…. hahahahahahahahah!

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  5. The Hook says:

    My daughter LOVES Jem and the Holograms! Cool!
    Great post! Your creative cup runneth over!

  6. tyrra says:

    I love that I stumbled across this blog by accident a few weeks ago, only to find out that you live in my hometown and I know half of the people you talk about in this blog. However, I have no clue who you are :p Happy Birthday Kimberliah!

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