Pop the Bubbly


January 20, 2012 by Kim

This damned game is CHEATING!!!

Strange thing is, I think it’s trying to let me win…

The above words were typed at about 1AM…

10 hours ago…

I have slept since those words were furiously pounded into my poor keyboard…

See… here’s the story

Bubble Witch Saga came into my life a little while back… I was merely an innocent Facebook user in those days , bored… looking for a good time.

I had previously carried on brief, casual encounters with Farmville, Cityville, Frontierville and such…

Nothing too serious…

Just flings

and then one day I found myself staring at a screen full of colorful bubbles….

“Pop us” they whispered…. “We’re a blast”

I nonchalantly entered  Level 1

within a half an hour, I had worked my way up to Level 7

While the game wasn’t extremely difficult, there was something moderately satisfying about each victory

and as the levels began to increase in difficulty, I took notice that with each loss, a tiny witch cackle would erupt from the screen…


My 1st frustration with BWS, I believe was recording in this blog…  about 16 levels in, you must have 3 friends send you some Mist of the Wizard…. or something…  at that time, I believe I may have been the only person in the world actively playing BWS

So, I ranted…. and threw a recorded verbal hissy fit… and eventually got my Mists…. about this time Hubs began playing the game, to send me a Mist  and shut me the hell up

I knew as soon as I saw his name… this was going to be an issue

Hubs is competitive… he’s in it to win it, at any cost…

If I told him that I had made it the previously day, only inhaling and exhaling 4 complete times, he would end up hospitalized while trying to “beat” me…

Long story short… he’s currently 10 levels ahead of me


I think it’s time to admit that I have a problem… This game has become my problem…

My name is Kim, and I’m addicted to Bubble Witch Saga…

I have stayed up way too late, on work nights…. waiting for the 30 minute time limit to pass, just so I could get that one extra life…

I have found myself yelling at The Beast, while sounding strangely like Napoleon Dynamite, while playing the game…

I have found myself wanting to spin around in the computer chair and slam the keyboard into Hub’s face, as he stands behind me watching while I attempt level 52 for the 74th time….

I, now, hear that witch cackle when random things go wrong, throughout the day…

….forgot to put the trash cans out on trash day


…. blind-sided by a question in a production meeting


….poured a bowl of cereal, only to discover there’s no milk


Shut up, witches!!! *in my newly acquired Napoleon Dynamite vice, of course*

Last night, I hit a new low…

I was struck by a sudden wave of exhaustion and went to bed…. at like 9PM

I awoke at about midnight…. got out of bed and once again, attempted Level 52

I felt my anxiety rising as I failed 2 of my 5 provided lives…

I noticed something strange, as I played….  It was like the game was cheating…

but, the cheating was in my favor…

and I was still, somehow, managing to screw it up…


as I played my final life, I opened WordPress and typed the first 2 lines of this blog

…went back to the game

and beat level 52

*Hubs is so far ahead, I couldn't even fit him into the screen shot


oh… my… gaw…..

2.6 weeks, consumed with this level and it was finally done!

Hells yeah!

I promptly attempted level 53… had my ass handed to me…. and went to bed


Beware the Saga of the Bubble Witch!!!


3 thoughts on “Pop the Bubbly

  1. The Hook says:

    Video games are crack for your soul! Get away from the screen!
    Just kidding – sort of…

  2. Thank you for this public service announcement to make us all aware of this dangerous threat to our health and well being. Lol 🙂

  3. Walter says:

    You thing you crazy now, Just waite till you get to level 150

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