He’s the one they call Dr. Feelgood…


January 15, 2012 by Kim

A few days ago, I decided that I was going to do a post about the Thundershirt

I had seen the commercial for it once or twice…. and actually saw one “in real life” at Petco

The damned thing  just confuses my senses.

I mean…. being completely honest here, the name freaking ROCKS

It’s a mothing-frigging THUNDERSHIRT, yo!!!!

Any product with the word Thunder in it, forces you to sit up and take notice….

and it makes me think of Thundercats…. and then, of course, I have to wonder if a Thundercat would ever wear a Thundershirt….

and then I realize, to answer that question, I’d probably have to go back and re-watch the entire series…. to see if any of the Cats had anxiety issues

To me, the Thundershirt is kind of like the Snuggie or Pajama Jeans of the dog world

It’s an oddity.

and I was going to write about it.

But then, the strangest thing happened…  over the last few days, as I’ve been reading other blogs and visiting websites… the Thundershirt advertisements were everywhere.


It’s almost like Mr. Thundershirt was in my head… and this was his subtle warning, to not proceed with my Thundershirt roast.

Somewhere, Mr. Thundershirt is preparing for my defiance…

because, lets face it… if he’s already in my head, then he also knows that I don’t really like being told what to do

or not to do

I can totally picture it…

Somewhere… in an extremely large basement….. Mr Thundershirt has summoned dozens upon dozens of dogs with anxiety issues….and they are all comfortably wearing Thundershirts, at this moment…. just lying around… not being anxious.

Life is good, for the hoarded K-9s

but, this is all part of Mr. Thundershirt’s evil plan….  and I really feel that we should call him Dr. Thundershirt, from here on out… since he’s all busy concocting evil plans and stuff…

So, Dr. Thundershirt and all his Thundershirted dogs are lying low for the moment…. waiting


Waiting to receive that email, stating that Kimberliah has posted a new blog…. and it concerns his baby

The Thundershirt

and that post, ridiculing The Thundershirt, will be the trigger….

and one by one Dr. Thundershirt will load all of his dogs into a large U-Haul van…

and he will drive…

stopping only once to eat at the Del Taco, in Barstow California

… because it really is the best Del Taco of all the Del Tacos… ever

and he will arrive at his destination… my house

30 minutes before I am due home from work

and one by one Dr. Thundershirt will begin unloading the dogs from his U-Haul

and bring them into my home.

and my kids will probably help him… because they possess no common sense.

So Hubs and I will come home, briefly wondering why there is a large U-Haul parked in the street…

as we enter our house we will be greeted by the sight of dozens upon dozens of dogs… wearing Thundershirts

…and The Beast… wearing a Snuggie

Dr. Thundershirt will quietly stroll out of the hallway, holding up a printed copy of my Thundershirt-blasting blog.

He’ll hand it to me… shaking his head and clucking his tongue

and then the attack….

Dr Thundershirt will begin removing Thundershirts from the anxiety-riddled dogs, one by one

and we will then enter the 7th layer of Hell.

My vision ends with Hubs and I watching out our living room window, as the large U-Haul van pulls away

  while dozens upon dozens of stressed out dogs scream and throw themselves about the house.

So, due to this premonition, I am opting to NOT write my “WTF Thundershirt” blog….

and instead considering requesting a Thundershirt of my own…

for me.


5 thoughts on “He’s the one they call Dr. Feelgood…

  1. tyrra says:

    Yay for Barstow! Boo for creepy dogs with creepy shirts stalking your life! haha

  2. Chas Rairden says:

    … I am soooooo sorry that I gave Kim’s son the Dr. Feelgood CD for Xmas..I feel that I somehow had something to do with this Blog. You see, Motley Crew does that to the listener. Dogs and creepy shirts… I’m so sorry! My Dearest Daughter, I will pay for Three (3) counseling sessions at the Shrink of your choice… (Is “T” avail for this?)
    Love, Daddio

  3. The Hook says:

    Thundercats? What a great Blast from the Past!
    Way to go, Kim!

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