The Snuggie Takeover…


January 11, 2012 by Kim

I have always thought Snuggies were a tad bit…. dumb.  I mean, for real?  Are you really that annoyed by the lack of arm holes in your favorite blanky?  Well,  here’s a tip… Grab a robe and put it on backwards…  Instant Snuggie… Kriss Kross style.

My Snuggie will make you… JUMP… JUMP

After I had finally come to terms with the Snuggie…. and the fact that it didn’t seem to be dying out anytime soon, along came the monstrosity otherwise known as the Pajama Jeans.

I almost feel a little bit sad for the Pajama Jeans… The mere mention of those two words together has been proven to be an acceptable punch line for 97% of all jokes.

That’s all jokes, in the entire WORLD, man….

Pajama Jeans, I hate to break this to you…. but, they’re laughing AT you… not with you

Most things in my life may be pure chaos.. but there’s one solid rule that I will always obey

I will not wear my jeans to bed.  It’s just wrong and uncomfortable and probably a sin

and if I feel that strongly about wearing my jeans to bed, why would I wear my jammys out and about.

You just don’t cross some things…  It’s like tampering with fate.

You slide that first pair of Pajama Jeans over your hips and it’s all downhill from there.

Pajama Jeans=Pandora’s Box

Dude… the initials are even ALMOST the same!!!

So, whatever…. I have my own slightly obvious stance on the Jeans de Pajama…

and I foolishly thought that after the fanny packs, Snuggies and Pajama Jeans… the oddities may finally end

then along came the Forever Lazy

Ummmm… are we even TRYING anymore?

It’s an adult sized sleeper

WITH a buttflap


…and according to the picture, a hood…. so, you can be… gangster?


At least they’re not pulling any punches with the name…  I wonder who the marketing genius was that came up with that little gem?

Hey!!!! *raises hand*

*waves raised hand*

*waves raised hand wildly*

I have an even BETTER idea for the name!!!


Not the actual word “Nothing” … I mean like, nothing

<———-  like, right there… to the left of my crudely typed arrow


Can you imagine trying to put that on your Christmas list???

I hope the Forever Lazy “people” somehow manage to stumble onto this blog and realize how truly awesome this idea is!!!

I mean, shit…. If you’re gonna be lazy… might as well go all the way with it

and what’s “lazier” than nothing?




One thought on “The Snuggie Takeover…

  1. dearladiesandgents says:

    LOL I love it! Laughed so hard!

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