Take The Bad With The Good…


January 7, 2012 by Kim

…and with the good, must come the bad

Surprises, that is.

While a good surprise leaves you feeling happy…and excited….and happy….

did I say happy?  OK

A bad surprise will usually leave you feeling like crap

…wondering who you could have been in a previous life to deserve the horror of accidentally bringing home a display case pie from Big Boy, where the “filling” is actually nothing but Crisco…

*The Crisco-Pie was not exposed for what it really was until the entire family had that first bite in their mouths*

Bad surprise.

It seems, in my travels through the last 33.85 years, the bad surprises seem to present themselves far more frequently than the good ones.

For every public un-scented fart….there are about 17 instances where I have picked up Hub’s Del Taco cup, instead of my own and downed a quick gulp of unsweetened iced tea instead of Diet Coke… I’m sorry, but when you put that straw in you mouth expecting a certain taste… and get UNSWEETENED ICED TEA, it can be a little traumatic.  I would wager money on the chance that my facial expressions during the mystery cup drink are somewhat comparable to my facial expressions during childbirth

Thankfully, most bad surprises are simply minor annoyances….

Blue screen of death on your computer after returning to work, following the weekend?


Taking a bite of cereal, before realizing that the milk is expired… and then proceeding to take 3 more bites, just to “make sure”


Being told by someone who you THOUGHT was a friend, that they don’t read your blog…. yeah, that’s right, I’m calling you out!  You know who you are!!! OHHH!  Wait… YOU DON”T READ MY BLOG… so, you’re not going to SEE THIS!!!! Well, friend, I sincerely hope my blog haunts you in your dreams… and I hope someday they DO pass a law where the male has to take the female’s last name…. and you end up marrying a nice girl with the last name Hall!  Not saying any names, but you’re gonna be SCREWED if that goes down…  and I’ll laugh… I will laugh and I won’t even TRY to pretend that I’m not laughing….

Minor… really, I mean it…. minor.  It doesn’t bother me AT ALL


So, ummmm… where was I?

I feel like I just had an Eminem moment…


So, yeah… bad surprises.

They suck… but, at least sometimes you end up getting free pies from your ordeals

Free pies with 100% edible fillings

and, in the end, isn’t that what it’s REALLY all about?


2 thoughts on “Take The Bad With The Good…

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