Swiper, No Swiping…

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January 6, 2012 by Kim

Let’s talk about surprises…

There are good surprises….Good surprises are usually… well, “good”   I mean, who doesn’t like the thrill of emptying out pockets on laundry day and finding a folded up twenty-dollar bill… and the joy is even sweeter when the discovered currency had been stashed in the spouse’s pocket.  Score one for wifey!  On rare occasions I have ran across money in the kid’s pockets… it’s usually just a few loose ones, though.  As heartless as I may come across, I just can’t bring myself to jack their last 2 or 3 dollars. However, I will without hesitation, borrow some cash from their wallets…. with every intention of repayment.  Good intentions… Bad memory.  It’s a curse.

  Did I mention that today, once again, is laundry day… today’s one-hand-swipe through everyone’s pockets was finding itself unusually lonesome.  Hubs jeans are usually a treasure trove of discarded ear plugs and rogue cigarette butts…. lovely.  Today I had found only 1 tube of cherry Chapstick… and this was recovered from my own jeans, so I didn’t really have that stalker-ish feel as I removed it.

It’s really kind of voyeuristic, if you think about it…  I work 9 hours a day,  so I obviously can’t be around my family members 24/7.  The one-hand-swipe on laundry day lends a tiny glimpse into my boys’ day…

So, today was proving to be kind of a let down… but, there was one pair of jeans left to pilfer through… Anthony’s jeans, that had been worn the previous day.  The previous day, also known as his 11th birthday…. I still had a chance.

The left pocket one-hand-swipe yielded nothing…. air and some lint.

Right pocket one-hand-swipe….


I closed my fingers around the stash and quickly pulled it out…

Some kind of plastic wrapper, a soccer ball eraser and one corn nut!


I wonder if they were all birthday presents from his classmates?


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