Can’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep…


January 3, 2012 by Kim

Worst Nights Sleep EVER, last night!

EVER… I’m not even kidding!

It even beats out the terrible sleeps  I experienced during  EarInfectionaLooza 2009

Not a kid’s ear infection… one of my very own

How freaking special…

If you haven’t had the pleasure of slowly dying through an adult ear infection…just take my word for it

I live in fear… every single, solitary day… of a repeat performance

I honestly don’t think I could mentally survive another ear infection

Hubs had to physically wrestle the keyboard away from me late one night as I attempted to send a friend request to Dr Kevorkian…

I can’t remember childbirth… but, I can recall every wretched moment of that 6 day ear infection

Trying to sleep with an ear infection is damn near impossible. After taking the 17 prescribed medications and ingesting about 5-6 Advil, I would prop myself up on the couch *laying down merely added to the pressure* place both hands on my skull, slowly turn my head side-to-side and moan until I passed out.  Tears were always involved.

I do believe, I can honestly say that the ear infection sleeps were nothing compared to what I experienced last night.

by the way… I just accidentally typed “last night” twice… one right after the other.  I deleted the second one.  You’re welcome

So, I knew last night was going to be somewhat problematic.  I was ending my 11 day vacation, from work… and that alarm was set to go off at 5AM

Not good times.

I hadn’t been a good girl and slowly readjusted to the schedule… Screw that… I wanted to live every last second of that damned vacation and I’d just have to deal with the consequences when they presented themselves.

Well, the consequences presented themselves…. and promptly bitch-slapped me back into reality.

I attempted to go to bed at 9PM last night… quite a bit earlier than a usual work night… but, I had some missed slumber that I needed to make up for.  As soon as my body touched the bed, I knew it wasn’t going to happen…   I tried to just lay there, praying the sleep would come and hang out for a while… but, it didn’t.  So, I lay there….thoughts rushing a million miles an hour through my head… the constant stream of thoughts were like an angry river, you couldn’t ignore it… but you couldn’t exactly keep up with it either.

By 10:30, I gave up and attempted to watch TV… or play Bubble Witch Saga… or absently press the reload button on my WordPress page to see if my views went up…

I was back in bed by 11PM and continued to lay there… I rolled to my left, I rolled to the right…. I threw a leg over Hub’s slumbering body, I yelled at The Beast because I swore I could hear him licking himself…  I marveled on how I could see every detail of our bedroom even though it was pitch black, I thought about work, I thought about that night’s failed dinner, I was saddened by my promise to eat the failed dinner the next night instead.  I lifted myself up, looked at the clock and plopped myself back down, sighing loudly… I muttered, not in my most quiet voice about how this was bullshit and I was never going to get to sleep… It was then 1AM

I considered going out to the living room to watch some TV… but knew that probably wouldn’t help, I glared at Hubs… sleeping like a baby, I sat up… drank some water and flopped back down, cussing under my breath… 2Am

At some point between 2 and 3AM I managed to fall asleep for about 15 minutes… I awoke angry… not realizing that I had actually slept… Then as a vivid dream began to come back to me… I felt a tiny pang of relief.  I hadn’t forgotten how to sleep, after all!

between 3AM and 5AM, I somehow managed another 45 minutes of sleep… broken into chunks of 5 minutes, 10 minutes and a heavenly 15 minutes

So count with me!  Let’s pretend we’re on Sesame Street!


Von hour of sleep!

Ah Ah Ah!

Hopefully tonight finds itself to be a little more cooperative…


4 thoughts on “Can’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep…

  1. Spectra says:

    I know this nightmarish experience far too well. I won’t try to compete with your agony, but instead, empathize with you. It is murder not sleeping.
    Okay. Now I do feel a little competetive. A doctor prescribed a steroid allergy med (Nasonex) and each shot would keep me up for 3 days straight – I kid you not and this went on for 11 months. After a year of insomnia, I was nearly driven to madness. But worked out, ate healthy, lost weight. And friends. I hated everyone. Lack of sleep just turns a girl into a rabid beast. So, how did you manage to function at work the next day?

  2. Kang Jo says:

    Nice post…. 🙂

  3. I had one night where I slept 10 hours last week.

    My body was very confused.

    Naturally it then chose, two nights later, to let me doze for 20 minutes, then be awake until 6 AM.

    So I get it.

    And the ear infection sounds horrible. No wonder my children are inconsolable during them

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