and the award goes to…..


December 31, 2011 by Kim

A few weeks ago, I was notified that ATC had nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award…

I was hesitant, at first, to accept this honor…and even more hesitant after discovering that it came with NO perks…  I mean, sure…. the little banner is cute and all but I like perks!

When I recently became Employee of the Week, at work… I was awarded a parking spot… and a little placard to hang in my car so that everyone would know just how damned important I was…

So with this blogging award… I get no perks?

No parking spot?

No coffee mug?

A T-Shirt?



You know what I like even less than having no perks?

Having work bestowed upon me…

So, apparently, when you find yourself to be a recipient of the Versatile Bloggers Award…. you can’t just accept the honor, with a courteous nod and humble thank you…


You can do your courteous nod and humble thank you…. and then you have to get your ass to work

After acceptance of the VBA you must go write a blog… you must thank the giver of the award ***Thanks ATC*** You must name like 67+ other bloggers that you wish to bestow this honor upon and you must provide 7 random facts about yourself.

So, let me see…. I’ve already thanked ATC… hopefully now he’ll quit leaving threatening posts on my Facebook and stealing the pudding out of my lunches…

I miss those puddings

As for the 67+ bloggers I’m supposed to tag…. Guess what?

Not going to do it! Nope

and no one can make me….

I’ll tell you what… If YOU feel you deserve one of these awards, leave me a comment stating so and I’ll determine if you can have one of my 67+ pending votes

I’ll even include perks… I will be giving out coupons to my self-awarded recipients… Good for one free load of laundry, to be done by ATC, himself…

Thanks, again, ATC… better stock up on Tide.

Ok…. Now on to the 7 Random Facts…

1. I refuse to wear the color purple, due to some boy *who’s name I can’t even remember* telling me that I basically looked like crap, in purple… this was 25 years ago and I still can’t wear it…

2. 91% of my life feels like a bad hair day

3. I hated math and was taking up to 4 art classes, my senior year of high school… yet I somehow ended up with a career in finance

4. I’m jealous of Hub’s ability to not give a damn what anyone thinks of him

5. My favorite outfit, as a kid, was my Bart Simpson “Don’t have a cow, man” T Shirt and a pair of spandex bike shorts, with neon green stripes on the side

6. I got to be in 2 music videos (2Pac and Immature) the summer of ’96… while visiting my roommate from the maternity home we had lived in during my junior year of high school

7. I turned my hair orange, in junior high, thanks to the lure of Sun-In

So… there you have it.

My acceptance of the Versatile Bloggers Award!

Thanks, again, ATC!!!

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3 thoughts on “and the award goes to…..

  1. Congratulations…. 🙂
    Happy New Year 2012,,,, have fun 🙂

  2. Spectra says:

    Happy New Year. You did the right thing. Stop the Versatile Blogggerasswipe award virus/infection spreading, already! For my view on this, read this post. I think you may agree!

  3. You completely deserved all of the torment. Don’t try to deny that.

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