Ain’t No Party Like A Pogo Ball Party…

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December 23, 2011 by Kim

I managed to get the first handful of the children’s gifts wrapped today.

Handful in this instance equals 15

15 presents

Not too bad for my first shot at it this year…

As I barricaded myself in the bedroom, numerous lovely visions began to fill my head.

I pictured myself surrounded by brightly colored packages… leisurely wrapping boxes as Christmas music wafted throughout the room…

I usually have a very bad habit of waiting until Christmas Eve and hurriedly wrapping every single gift after the kids go off to bed.  As my irritation continues to mount,  Hubs will usually step in and offer to help.  In my distressed state of mind I’ll agree…  and end up finishing the wrapping while practicing Lamaze breathing to keep myself from tackling Hubs over his sub-par wrapping skills.

This is the same man who suggested I use Christmas wrapping paper to wrap a January Birthday present!!!!


…especially birthdays that fall close to the holiday

It makes me twitch just to think about it!

I’m starting to think he likes making me twitch

So, anyway… my perfect little vision of this afternoon’s wrapping experience did not exactly turn out as planned…

I was going to put one of the Christmas music stations, on the TV to enhance the mood…

however, as I started scrolling through the guide to find the Christmas music channels, I noticed that Dr Phil had a Polygamist family on his show… and well, yeah.  That sounded pretty damned interesting.  So, no Christmas music for the wrapping extravaganza.

Oh, well…

Things went downhill fast from there….

Have I mentioned that I really don’t like wrapping presents?

One or two aren’t that bad…. but 3 or more end up being a headache

So I got 15 done… and I’m proud of those 15, because that’s 15 less that I’m going to have to wrap in Christmas Eve

A little later, as I was complaining to Hubs about the backache I had acquired, he brought up an interesting point…

“I wonder how many of the presents they’ve found???”

I laughed a little, as I remembered doing The Great Present Search, as a child…

One year, will always stand out in my head…

We lived in Utah, at the time… my Dad was stationed there throughout my years in elementary school.

Like most kids, I was nosey… I poked around a little, looking for my gifts, but came up empty-handed…

Then one afternoon, I was in my playroom…

Yes, I had a freaking playroom… don’t hate.  I was an only child, that’s kind of how we roll…

So I was in the playroom…. for whatever reason, I decided to open the closet…

The closet, IN MY PLAYROOM

are you following me here?

as the door slid to the left, I took a surprised step backwards

Boxes and bags  towered upwards…. 3 times my height

The only thing I can really remember, today…. is the green and purple Pogo Ball, sticking out of one of the bags

Hells Yeah, Pogo Ball!!!

To this day, I still can’t get a reasonable explanation regarding why my presents would be hidden IN MY FREAKING PLAYROOM!!!!

So, since no explanation is to be offered… I will make up my own.

and my explanation is…

They were high!  Really really REALLY freaking high!  Super high!

Dang hippies!


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