Take Shelter…


September 24, 2011 by Kim

I have made a chilling discovery over the past few days.

I didn’t want to jump the gun and make any false announcements.  I believe, however that the time is right.

I’m not sure how this news is going to affect you and your life…

Perhaps nothing will change.

But, I doubt it.

I had thought that The Beast was beginning to mellow out.

…that maybe his path of destruction was merely puppy-hood.

It had been weeks since any action figure carnage had been discovered.

It was only a stage…. or so I thought.

Dickie, also, seemed to be steering clear of the limelight.  Little troubles here and there, but nothing that made me want to run away from home after the family was fast asleep…

What???? That’s not normal???

Fast forward to a couple of days ago.

I was sitting at the computer desk in our home…. glaring at the new Facebook.

I heard some movement in the kitchen and glanced behind me….

Dickie and The Beast…. hanging out by the sink.  Dickie appeared to be showing The Beast one of his toys.  I returned my focus back to Lamebook and resumed my glare.  I wanted to make Facebook as uncomfortable as Facebook was making me.

All of a sudden I heard a high-pitched death-shriek


The Beast took off into a full-speed tornado gallop, as I pivoted around in my chair.  His movements were so strong and fast, that I dared not to get up from my chair.

16 crazed laps were done around the kitchen table in under 12 seconds.

My breath was held for at least 15 seconds.

The Beast come to a sudden controlled stop.  Almost posing, toy in mouth.

Not daring to move my body, I slid my eyes to the right.

To Dickie.

To Dickie,wearing a wicked, calculated smile.

Oh. My. God.

Reality hit me, like twenty tons of bricks.

They have joined forces.

Dickie and The Beast are a team.

…this could be bad.

Lord have mercy on our ignorant souls…


9 thoughts on “Take Shelter…

  1. H.E. ELLIS says:

    Love, love, love the picture!

  2. Chas Rairden says:

    OH NO! This could be the thing that changes the world’s rotation…. This could be what brings on the 2012 cataclysmic events! and yer Son and Dog started it! Your to blame on what happens next…..

  3. Momma Be Thy Name says:

    Thanks. We are SO never getting a dog!!!

  4. That picture is priceless. Ha..ha.. Frame it! No really, I mean it. Too freaking cute. 🙂

  5. That is just too cute.

    And yes, if you can’t beat them, join them…. 🙂

  6. […] and then there were a few weeks, in September, when I was led to believe that Dickie and The Beast had joined forces […]

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