You gets none…..


September 6, 2011 by Kim

Well, crap.

I’ve been complained at publicly twice today for not posting any new blogs, as of late.

I promised a blog today…

So here it be.


I have nothing of importance to write about…



My creativity is currently impotent.

I was supposed to write a blog detailing the camping trip we went on over this last weekend.

My hearts just not in it though….

I will say, however, that it was declared… on the drive up there, that if met by a bear…

a large bear….

a large rabid drooling bear…

that simply doing “The Robot” will scare them away.

I was slightly disheartened that I was unable to test this theory…

Shit, who am I fooling?

I wasn’t looking for a stand-off with no bear!

I locked every tiny morsel of food in the bear lockers at night…. and that includes any stray children with dirty marshmallow faces….

“Let me ouuuuut!  It’s dark in heeeerrrrrre!”

Heck. No!

Go eat some stinking berries, bear!


I rec…..


“I before E except after C”

received…. Ugh

I received an interesting email, the other day.

Want me to share its contents?

Of course you do…. nosey asses.

Apparently you can get a wild hair up your ass and go purchase yourself a freaking forklift!

Can you imagine the possibilities…

There’s probably a million and twelve things you could do with your very own forklift….



Well, Ok.  There’s one thing.

You can pick shit up and MOVE it, yo!

Where ever the heck you want it.

Those other million and eleven things would pale in comparison, if they actually existed…

I wonder if they throw in a few starter pallets for free?


So, now that you’ve wadded through all this crap…. aren’t you glad you came?

and if you’re wondering why I haven’t blogged in a while….

The Lettuce told me not to…

and the Lettuce is a mother-fuggen Boss…


3 thoughts on “You gets none…..

  1. Chas Rairden says:

    Lettuce is Bad Ass….. Don’t mess with Lettuce… Ever!

  2. The Hook says:

    That one word – you know which one – made me shudder!
    Great post about not being able to write a post!

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