Stop Touching It…


August 28, 2011 by Kim

I was quite lucky in high school and never really had to deal with acne.

One here… one there…. nothing to get all Proactive about.

I was lucky.

So, maybe someone can explain to me why now, in my 30s, pimples hound me worse than they did in my adolescence…  I still don’t get a whole face-full at a time, but when I do get one it’s either

A. Somewhere super noticeable… both to any surrounding people but also to myself.  It will somehow position itself squarely in the middle of my cheek … where a passerby can’t miss it and if a shift my line of vision, I also get the pleasure of seeing it.   It’s kind of like a treasure map…  if you like your treasure chests filled with pus.


…oh crap there was supposed to be an option “b” … I just got so worked up talking about crappy option “a” that I almost carried on without  even mentioning my option “b”  Thank goodness I remembered, I sure wouldn’t want the weight of any impending riots stemming from frustration towards my blog on my conscience.  *whew*

….um, yeah, I just almost forgot again

B.The pimple will place itself somewhere uber painful.  This month’s little imperfection has made its home in the area where my face meets my nose.

I had cartoon Susan Boyle come model the offending placement for you guys…. You’re welcome

So, now… we wait

Go away pimple!  Go Away!

…or as Sammy would tell Ronnie



5 thoughts on “Stop Touching It…

  1. Spectra says:

    That is the absolute WORST place to get a zitzer. I reccomend a full-facial transplant. But only for the few days it takes for this matter to clear up.

    Good Luck!

  2. JM Randolph says:

    Um yeah, me too. Not bad as a teen, but from about 31-36, craptastic. Glycolic Acid is your friend. It gets better when you’re pushing 40. (I know, thanks a lot, right?)

  3. The Hook says:

    High school acne SUCKS!
    Great, highly-accessible post!

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