24 Minutes in Heaven…

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August 11, 2011 by Kim

This morning, I had the pleasure of attending two… count’em TWO meetings!

Meeting #1 was about stuff that is getting ready to go on

Meeting #2, an hour later, was stuff about the stuff that is getting ready to go on

In the 2 hours preceding Meeting #1, we received about 7 email reminders of these 2 meetings.  The difference between the meetings?  Chairs and steel toe shoes.

Extremely productive morning.


I’ve noticed that strange things seem to jump in front of me.

I’m still trying to figure out if that’s a good thing… or a bad thing.

This past weekend was no exception.


This really baffles me.  I have lived in this town (It’s a TOWN, damn it, Del Taco says so!!!) for about 17 years…. HOW did I never notice this sign!!!

24 minute parking?  Really?  As opposed to 25 minute parking?

Is there some kind of reasoning behind this?  Did something tragic happen in the 25th minute of someone being parked there?  Will my car turn into a pumpkin?  Did the sign maker believe that the number 5 was cursed and refused to use it?

I really can’t say that I “get it”


Have you ever been walking through Wal-Mart… lost in your own little world of studying Roll-Backs and trying not to stare at people wearing their pajamas…. I get into the zone every Wal-Mart trip I make…  There’s something soothing about it and I can indulge my OCD tendencies, without much bother from anyone else. 

Half way through my last trip, I was gliding down an empty aisle when I was abruptly surrounded by piercing noise and frantic movement. Curse words tumbled out of my mouth as I jumped a foot into the air, flinging my cart away from me…

Screw YOU Clearance Aisle Baby Alives!!!

All three of those little bastards jumped up and down in their little cardboard cribs and shrieked and laughed and squealed with joy.

and I have never wanted to punch multiple babies, at once, so badly.


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