Brokedown Cubicle…


August 9, 2011 by Kim

I hear that my cubicle is the talk of the town.

It was recently forced into the unwanted spotlight during a random safety meeting.

I’m sure when people hear of the cube, they probably assume it’s an urban legend… a myth.

….there’s a cubicle out there, somewhere, that’s being held together by a Coke bottle.

To be completely honest, it’s not a Coke bottle…. it’s an empty plastic jar that used to house salted peanuts.

Can you even call something that’s plastic a jar?  That just doesn’t sound right.

Am I really arguing with myself in the middle of this blog…



and to be honest, once again, the plastic… thing is merely holding a bottom drawer up.   The drawer and the track had some kind of falling out, before I moved in and they don’t like to kick it anymore.  So I’m forcing them to get along, with my plastic…. thing.

Everything was working out wonderfully… I didn’t bother them, they didn’t bother me… the plastic…..thing got a second chance at life, which didn’t involve a landfill.  All was right in the cube.

But, now Safety’s involved….  because God forbid the plastic… thing become dislodged and rolls into the hallway.  It could probably take out ATC and Ti in one pre-meditated roll.    And the mere falling of 8-foot-13 ATC could probably take out the remainder of our section.

What a sight that would be…. Abnormally Tall Coworker, sprawled out on the ground… various other coworker’s limbs flailing, in a panic, under his torso, legs and head… The retarded drawer, hanging on by a thread… and somewhere, in the distance, a lone plastic…. thing, rolling on to its next victim.


3 thoughts on “Brokedown Cubicle…

  1. I am so going to be a celebrity because of your blog. I will change my name officially to ATC.

  2. Spectra says:

    You can never trust plastic. I only had one cubicle in my working lifetime. And I loved it. A cubicle is a sacred thing. Damn those Safety Socialists, forcing you to conform!

  3. Miss Marblemouth says:

    LOL. I love your self argument about plastic jars. What exactly are they? And your Abnormally Tall Coworker reminded me of my college days when my roommate and I nicknamed everyone including Hot Guy and his Tall Unattractive Friend. We weren’t very creative.

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