And in this corner….


August 5, 2011 by Kim

Dickie has finally (for the time being) stopped singing that damned Justin Bieber song…

I don’t even want to type the NAME of the song.  The song has powers, man. Powers!

But, as our little world works… when he hangs up the hat to one obsession, another must follow quickly.  The color orange was his very first obsession…. and the longest running.  I believe he stalked the color orange for about 3 years.  Orange was where it was at, fool.  He still seems to have a soft spot for Orange… but he’s not quite as obsessive about it as he used to be.  I suspect Orange quite possibly got a restraining order against my Dickie… and Dickie is wisely choosing to lay low.    

Dickie’s new obsession is the phrase “freaking me out” 

Tonight on our trip to McDonalds he pointed out that the moon was following us… I told him that I couldn’t look at the moon, seeing as I was trying to keep my eyes on the road.  Dickie informed me that I was to look at the moon when we got to the next red light.  I slowed to a stop at the next intersection, pretended to look at the moon and mumbled my agreement. 

“Moon freaking me out” I heard him whisper

At yet another intersection we happened to stop next to a run down RV being driven by an even more run-down looking man.  Dickie eyed him wearily and slumped down in his seat.

“Him no look at me.  Me have no shirt. Him freaking me out”

We managed to escape the intersection with his dignity still intact as he sternly reminded me that I was the guilty party who had told him not to wear a shirt and then he gave me the look of Death and then he laughed.  So Bi-Polar this boy.

At last we made it to the McDonalds drive-thru.  I asked him to keep quiet as I ordered our food…. He managed to obey my request and didn’t even appear to notice when I had a mini-panic attack when the cashier asked what kind of sauce I wanted with my McNuggets.  This happens to me every time a choice of sauce comes with my food…. I’m asked my preference and immediately the names of all sauces known to man flee from my brain…. except ketchup.  Always ketchup.

We pay for our food…. collect our food and begin to drive home.  Dickie wastes no time and starts throwing french fries into his mouth and examining his Happy Meal.  As he digs inside the familiar cardboard box he discovers his Smurfs toy…. He recoils in horror.

“Mcdonalds freaking me out”

Now that we are home and our bellies are fed, peace seems to  come between Dickie and his Smurf. 

 It’s not just any toy that gets welcomed into the Wrestlemania ring so quickly.


4 thoughts on “And in this corner….

  1. Spectra says:

    Like, perfect.

    Its so freaking me out, tho. That, and the orangeness of it all. Why did you make him go topless to McDonalds? It’s not like that would get you a discount (or a tip) or anything…just wondering.,,

  2. Kim says:

    lol… We were only going through the drive-thru and his shirt selection process is was too slow for a hungry momma! hahahha

  3. The Hook says:

    Bieber is the Anti-Christ!
    I could be wrong, but I have a sneaking suspicion I’m not.
    Good luck.

  4. Miss Marblemouth says:

    God, I hate Bieber so much. I think I talk about it too much on my blog.

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