and Dennys ends it all with a bang…


August 1, 2011 by Kim

Have you ever had a truly horrible experience, while out to eat.

Our latest trip to Dennys in Stateline (or Sennys in Dateline *drunktalk*) was awful.


If I was allowed 5 do-overs in life, I would have chosen to never enter that establishment.

I didn’t flinch during the 15-20 minute wait time…  We were practically sitting on top of the slot machines while waiting outside of the restaurant so time passed quickly.

Our “party-of-six” was seated and drink orders were taken.

and retaken….

and again retaken.

Somehow, the drinks managed to arrive before our food.

…or maybe that just goes to show how long we had to wait to actually eat.

It felt like we waited a good 3 hours for our food…. I’m sure it was probably closer to 2.5

At one point, as the hunger was really starting to kick in, we all just sat around the table and stared at each other… chomping on the ice from our glasses with wide open mouths.

Our waitress finally speed-walked to our table and informed us that she was going to go check on our food and speed-walked away.  Never stopping.  Constant motion.

At last we saw the glorious round tray…. bearing food….plates and plates of food.

I ‘d like to believe that there was a light was shining down upon the tray… Angels were singing… Stomachs were growling.

Plates were being passed out…

1 meal

2 meals

3 meals

4 meals

5 m…. Hey!!! No-one ordered that.

The waitress was perplexed…. She stared down at the plate, examined its contents and stated very slowly….

Original…. Grand…. Slam…..

She looked at each and every one of us as we shook our heads back at her.

So, one wrong meal…. 2 missing meals…. It’s gotta get better from here right.

The waitress scurried off to determine the fate of the two missing plates, leaving the orphaned Grand Slam on our table.

Nobody dared touch it, in fear of having to pay for it.

Nobody wants you Original Grand Slam!  Get off our table!!!

The 4 chosen ones who had been gifted with their orders, myself included, began to dig into their food…

Is this when it gets better??? No, shut up and read!

I’ll be completely honest, there really didn’t seem to be anything wrong with my food.  Other than some limp bacon….

Plate 1 had burnt toast with no butter.

Plate 2 had un-toasted white bread with butter

Plate 3 was mine… Limp bacon

Plate 4… Also looked all good.

Plate 5 and 6 were deemed missing…. or maybe tardy

About the time the 4 offered plates were being finished our waitress speed-walked over and declared that tickets had been lost, stolen and abducted… plate 5 and 6 were still just a dream.

After she scurried away, I glanced around the crowded restaurant and noticed that every other group in there looked as miserable as we did…. that is, except the brand new shiny group, seated to the right of us.  Bets were placed regarding how long they would remain smiling.

….annnnnnnd plate 5 and 6 materialize.  Plate 5 has no issues…. Plate 6, which belongs to Hubs comes bearing the wrong hamburger.  Hubs, at this point is wasting away and shoves the erroneous burger into his mouth.   We all take a moment to laugh over the 4 french fries gracing his plate.  He growls and eats them.. glaring.

The bills were brought to us at some point after all this, at full price, of course…. and the rest is pretty much a haze.

Dang… should have had the buffet


7 thoughts on “and Dennys ends it all with a bang…

  1. Spectra says:

    Aw, the poor rejected Grand Slam! ALL he really wanted was for someone to EAT him. I can feel your fustration.
    When I lived in Monterey, in 1995, there was a massive flood in the Carmel area. People were flooded out of their homes in the middle of the rainy night. One couple showed up to Denny’s at 3 am, in pajamas, and hadnt had a chance to grab shoes. They were soaked, hungry, desperate for shelter and a meal – and refused service! It made the papers the next day. But maybe you have to consider the IQ of who would want to work there in the first place. Or have to work there. Ya know, other options being…not an option. (CTM)

  2. It could have always been worse… You could have been at Denny’s… Wait…

  3. Brilliant! I’ve experienced this and I keep going back… why do I hate myself? Or is it I just love the Grand Slam so much?? No I think I hate myself.

  4. The Hook says:

    What were you expecting from a Denny’s exactly?

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