Mini Me


July 20, 2011 by Kim

You always know things are going to be interesting when it’s just me and Ant.

or at least somewhat mildly humorous.

I’ve been taking my Ant to the track almost every night, after the air doesn’t feel like it’s on fire anymore.

Football season is right around the corner, for him and I don’t think they want him rolling around the field.  Unfortunately, for this one, the chunk comes easily.  He’s working really hard though and I’m proud of him.

Of my 3 boys… his personality is the most like mine…

Daniel is a huge pulsing brain with literally no sense of humor

Dickie is pretty much 51/50… all time

and Anthony is… well, Ant is a lot like me.

Conversations just flow with us… I’ll do what I do best, make fun of him and he’ll bellow out this short loud laugh.


That’s the only laugh he knows, I swear… It’s so weird.


He appreciates my sense of humors.. and tries to keep up.

I told him, last night, not to worry… some day he’d be as cool as me.

He laughed… haHA!

As we drove over a bridge on the way to Wal-Mart, I tried convincing him that Hubs had another child they had never met.  I was getting away with that little story until I took it too far and added that this bastard child was actually Justin Bieber.  He stared at me for a good long second, burst out his little haHA and proclaimed me to be a liar. He exclaimed that there was no way this could be possible because “Dad’s all tough and stuff”  and after he thought about it a little longer I heard him whisper “I know you’re lying”  I gave him that knowing “are you sure” mom look and he shrugged his shoulders and muttered that “JB doesn’t even look like Dad”

Gotta love planting that first seed of doubt.

I sung Justin Bieber songs, in an extra high and squeaky voice, to him the rest of the way to Wal-Mart and he glared at me.

At that point he realized that we weren’t headed in the direction of our house and questioned where we were going.

I informed him that I was taking him out to the desert and planned on leaving him out there… He stared… I explained that we were clearing the house of Mexicans, so he had to go… He stared… I promised that I would arm him with a sombrero and a tasty chalupa… He laughed haHA! and stated that he would just find his way home…. and I told him if that happened  I would just take him back out to the desert again.  “Oh” he said, defeated…

That kid really gives up too easily.

As we strolled across the Wal-Mart parking lot some kind of war of the words breaks out between us…  I maturely told him that he was “gross” which he countered by exclaiming that I was “gross”… and laughing haHA!  I stared at him and said slowly, “Your mom’s gross”

Once again, he gave up… but I can’t figure out who really “won”



6 thoughts on “Mini Me

  1. mommygems says:

    Justin bieber is his brother! Hilarious! You got a brilliant mind in making up that lie. 🙂 I’ll try that to my daughter and see if she will figure that out.

  2. Just so you know for the rest of the day I will be say haHA! at inappropriate moments, thank you.

  3. JM Randolph says:

    “Your mom’s gross”- that’s awesome on all possible levels!

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