The Evil Red Jellybean…


July 16, 2011 by Kim

Something possessed me to get out of bed this morning at 6AM, on my day off, and head to the track…  That is REALLY not like me. I mean, I want to get in shape, but that’s a whole other level of dedication that I wasn’t aware I had.


Yes, I’m one of those chicks that will complain all day and all night about how I hate being overweight… all while stuffing my face with cheeseburgers and downing Bud Lights like they’re being discontinued. 

So, I’m trying to change my mindset.  I come from a lineage of scale-crushers… I need to accept what’s laid out in front of me and realize that to remain a healthy weight I am going to have to work for it.  Probably harder than most. And that sucks…

So, back to the track…

I’m not going to falsify any aspect of this… I try.  I really do, but the cold hard fact is that I can barely run a full lap.  Physically, I could probably kill it if I wanted to… I have thick strong legs, like my dad… My body is not the issue.  It’s my retarded lungs.


I have exercise-induced asthma and it is a HUGE pain in the rear.  Wanna know how it feels? Try running a lap while holding your breath.  That’s pretty much the equivalent. 

and it burns…

like fire.

Today’s morning run was different from my usual runs… there was absolutely no one there and that was nice.  I always feel like people are watching me when I attempt to run… especially if I go wheezing by them

The only company I had was when I passed my footprints from the previous laps…

The ghost of walk/run/walk Kim from 5 minutes ago…

…and this little booby-trap

I probably did about 8 laps this morning…. every time I passed this red jelly bean, it caught my eye…. EVERY TIME! 

I think I wanted to eat it

…I didn’t

So, at the end of the 8th lap I decided to call it quits… I probably could have gone longer, but I saw this…


Go home!!! Go home NOW!!!


3 thoughts on “The Evil Red Jellybean…

  1. Dedication defined: up at 6 on your day off and passing up a perfectly good jelly bean. Nicely done.

  2. Talk to your lungs, praise them, say something nice about them (not necessarily aloud) and while you are reading this and thinking that I am crazy watch your chest go up and feel how you are taking a deeper breath 🙂

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