Summer in the Desert…


July 15, 2011 by Kim

There is a new epidemic sweeping the…. ummm…

well, actually it might just be me.

As stated previously, I reside in the desert.

In case you grew up locked in a closet, and aren’t aware of what a desert is…

Let me school you.

It’s hot.

Yup… end of story… all I need to say.

The dry heat is known to clear the breath right out of your lungs

You can literally walk out of a building, into a patch of direct sunlight and nearly pass out.


So, here it is… July.  Mid-Summer.

Mid-Summer Night’s Dream?


Mid-Summer nights spent tossing and turning with multiple fans pointed at your pressure points and at least 3 wet wash clothes laid strategically on your aching skin. 

Have you ever heard the sound the air makes once it reaches 127 degrees?

We have… It sounds like Death dying

It’s hardcore and terrifying

Heat is known to bring on many things…







and blah blah blah.

We know all this, man!  Drink water, Stay out of the sun, Get plenty of rest.

We know.

Like the kids in tornado alley get prepped for the twisters… us desert rats gets prepped for the rising temperatures.

Last week I discovered a new side effect to our blistering heat…

I was walking out of our air-conditioned cafeteria, at work, with my Cube neighbor and somehow managed to walk straight into a black hole

First off, I entered direct sunlight… already Bad.  Real Bad.

But then…. as if that wasn’t torture enough… I also crossed paths with some kind of vent.  A vent blowing out scalding hot air.

I’m sure this is exactly what Hell might feel like.

All the time.

As the 2 mega-heats ricocheted off of my body I felt my mouth spring open and heard the “F” word hurdle itself from somewhere deep within.

It bellowed out in a voice that I wasn’t even aware could possibly belong to me.

Once I finally closed my mouth, Cube neighbor and I looked at each other in shock.

Now, I’m not saying my vocabulary is anywhere near being squeaky clean…  but, that sound erupting from my throat came from somewhere else.

Always one to self-diagnose… I quickly determined and declared that it was a simple case of Heat-Induced-Tourrettes-Syndrome.

If you suspect that youself or a loved one suffers from HITS…. well, there’s nothing much you can do. 

Get out of the sun!!!

It’s Evil! 



5 thoughts on “Summer in the Desert…

  1. Awesome! Now I need to get some ice cream or something. I start to cry when it hits 85 degrees in CT. LOL!

    • Kim says:

      lol… so do I, because I know within the hour it will already be over 100! lol

      • richripley says:

        It’ll be around 90 today in Iowa, but with the humidity it takes the “heat index” (something someone invented to let you know how hot it REALLY FEELS OUTSIDE) up to around 110 degrees. Does that really matter when it’s 90+?

        Good blog…especially the part about the “F” word almost escaping….been there. 🙂

  2. […] kimberliah once upon a time, there was this girl… Skip to content HomeAbout Kimberliah… ← Summer in the Desert… […]

  3. It sucks here too! Gonna get to 100 today with a heat index of 120. And…we got the humidity. There’s nothing quite like bathing in your own smelly, sticky, sweat. Yummmm. NOT!

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