July 14, 2011 by Kim

There are a few things, about me, that you probably should know…

one of them being, that I work for the Department of Defense. 

I have been a proud civilian Marine for about 8 years now

 My employer would totally demolish your employer in a street fight.

….and could easily outspend any overly-botoxed Beverly Hills housewife.

I work on a base where we repair “stuff” and return it to our troops, overseas.

I am part of a team that oversees one of those lines of “stuff”

This line, that I speak of, was broken at one time…

I’d even venture to say that it was the laughing-stock of the base.

It could do no right.

So they shuffled people around…. trying to find a group that meshed and could get this project up and running.

Somewhere in all this personnel movement, the stars aligned and they struck gold.

A team was assembled that seemed to fit together like a puzzle.


…and the line began to slowly recover

Every aspect of this project began to rise from the ashes… Progress was being made and everyone at every level could see it.

It is extremely clear to me that we are NOT only succeeding because we’re good at what we do…

and we are… Good at what we do.

We are moving ahead because we have accepted each other as a rowdy, dysfunctional, clinically insane family…. and for the most part, we love it.

Each member of our team is an asset.  Take any one of us away and the same success could not be guaranteed.

Every single person plays a key role in what we have managed to achieve.

and we all know that.

…or so I thought.

This morning, a portion of the team assembled in a conference room, to meet with some of our East-Coast Head Honchos.  Myself, being one of the youngsters of the group, was excited.  The way I see it, I still have a good 30 years until retirement.  I need to make sure my name is known…. and that they can put a face to the name.

So we all settle in.  The East Coast folks, with their button downs and khakis…. my team in our T-shirts and blue jeans…. and the meeting begins.

My team’s Project Manager starts it off with introductions….

“This is S… our Branch Head… our fearless leader and he’s awesome”

“This is D… the Master Finder of stuff for your stuff… he can procure anything and he’s awesome”

“These are R and J they are our gurus…. they are superb and awesome all in one”

His eyes slide around the table and rest on the remaining member of the team who is present at this meeting.


I straighten up and prepare to hear my praises sung… decide on a shy smile… and glance over at T…. our Project Manager.

but, T’s not looking at me anymore… his eyes are locked back onto one of the Big Wigs and the meeting begins.


My jaw hit the table so hard, I’m sure I startled the East Coasters…

Did he REALLY just skip over me?  I’m the sole female of the group…. That’s a little hard to overlook. 

Great… they probably think I’m someone’s secretary now.


As the meeting adjourned, I was able to introduce myself, but it didn’t really have the same flair.  I mean, I couldn’t be like “Hi, I’m Kim… and I am the financial wizard behind your funds… and I’m pretty awesome… and look I’m a girl!!!”

As I returned to my cubicle, I verbally bitch-slapped T.

He offered a truce in the form of a pepperjack cheese stick.

I relented and accepted his apology and his cheese…

and then proceeded to make fun of the situation for the rest of the afternoon and sent an email declaring T to be an “asshole” and detailing his meeting blunder to the rest of the team.

The team concurred that T was indeed an asshole.

and T put in a leave slip for the remainder of the day.






10 thoughts on “Teamwork…

  1. Oh hell…you’re a better person than I am, because I would’ve interrupted him right after he blew me off by standing up, extending out my hand to the others, and introducing MYSELF. Honey, don’t settle for just a cheese stick, for gods sake! At least get dinner or something….

  2. halfcnote says:


  3. Krystal says:

    Haha I heard you when you guys came back.

  4. In spite of the overlook, it sounds like you’re great at what you do. But my question is: How did the daughter of two hippees wind up in the Marines? There must be a fascinating story behind that?

    • Kim says:

      I’m what we refer to, on base, as a civilian Marine, no bootcamp required. I crunch numbers at a desk… it’s really no place for the spawn of 2 hippies to be… and that’s probably part of why I blog 😉

  5. PBScott says:

    I would hate to be skipped over like that, I would probably get so choked up over the situation that I would simply get up and go home to watch television, no longer answering any calls from work asking me to go in again, but that’s just me, and very much a part of the reason I need to be my own boss, because I refuse to work with assholes.

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