July 11, 2011 by Kim

It’s funny how a mind can be so overwhelmingly empty.

Right now, I sit, staring at the computer screen… right hand lazily pecking out this entry, left hand feeding my face a Skinny Cow ice cream cone. 

If I’m gonna be a cow, hopefully I can be a skinny one.

My brain feels absolutely worthless at this minute.  Nothing

I’ve got nothing.

I can feel my irritation rising as I struggle to put something together.


Yeah… I still got nothing.

Nothing is flowing, nothing is meshing, nothing is forming.

This “nothing” seems to be having a real good time.

Everything right now is too loud, too bright, too boisterous… but, damn, did that ice cream taste good.  Too tasty?

I want desperately to just tunnel into this computer screen.  There are thoughts lingering in my head, somewhere…

Yeah, still nothing.

I’ve got kids asking for snacks… Hubs irritated over half-done chores… The Beast whining and shaping his bone into a makeshift shiv

Every little sound is amplified.  Every disturbance is like fingernails on a chalkboard. However, it is the extreme lack of “clickity clack” on my keyboard that makes me want to rest my forehead on the edge of the desk and stare at my feet.


and still nothing.


Writer's Block Rage




8 thoughts on “Nothing…

  1. And yet in nothing I still remained interested enough to read and found something. Perhaps it’s the color your words paint on the canvas that’s more interesting than what the picture is supposed to be. It’s called being a writer my friend, and perfection and quality is open to interpretation.

    • Kim says:

      Your comment is a million times “more better” than the post you are commenting on!!! Bravo, my friend, BRAVO!!!!

      • Ha..ha.. Occasionally I find a rabbit or two called ‘eloquence’ tucked away, and am able to pull it from my ass. Don’t get used to it. Tragically, Pissy is more comfortable with foul language and sarcasm, and will never be considered the sharpest tool in the shed cause she can’t refrain from it. Somehow I think I’ll live anyway.

  2. LOL! I had writer’s block a few months ago and this totally reminded me of that. I kept writing about nothing until SOMEthing happened. But see, I also finished reading the post! (shameless plug to my nothing post LOL

  3. Spectra says:

    Awesome! But, you DID write! That’s the spirit.

    And, a fan myself of PissyKitty, I find her to be correct. Just keep writing. SOmething happens. Me Be With You! 😉

  4. Spectra says:

    Ooops, forgot to mention, a Big Blog wedding coming up, Girls!
    Between Amy (Fix it or DeaL) and THOUGHTSAPPEAR. Check out my brief appeal to host the event at:
    okay, then.

  5. Kely says:

    Kim……sometimes “Nothing” is all I have….in abundance

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