Donations accepted, I’ll be in your local WalMart parking lot with my sign…


July 8, 2011 by Kim

I love me some payday!

It’s the one day, every 2 weeks, when I can run amuck and not be broke.

The other 13 days I’m screwed…

Today’s little deposit has already found many new homes…

First things first, tanning salon.  TANalyze   If you’re from around here check it out…. It is AWESOME inside. There are plants all over the place, a soothing color scheme, a super friendly (and very prettily tanned) owner.  It’s like a little oasis in our barren desert home!  For reals!  As I was watching the owner bustle about, tidying up the place, I couldn’t help but notice her outfit… a tank top, a long white summery skirt…. and NO shoes!  I want to work somewhere where I don’t have to wear shoes!!!  But, seriously. It’s gorgeous in there… check it out.

After I returned home from bronzing my poor neglected pasty skin, I decided to take the kiddos to the local pizza place….

mo money, mo money… The food was num and the boys always enjoy the little game room… they didn’t even balk at the fact I only gave them 1 dollar a piece… lol

Cause, shoot… 1 dollar is 4 quarter and 4 quarters equals 4 games!


After the pizza festivities were done, I realized that I had placed myself in a dilemma.  I still had to go to the nail salon to get my eyebrows waxed…. but, I had ALL THREE BOYS with me.  *sigh*   I really didn’t want to drive all the way home to drop them off only to drive all the back to the same area to get the brows done. But… I had never taken any of them in there with me before.  Not one.  The place isn’t exactly huge and, well…. yeah.

So I took a risk.  I muttered various torturous threats to the elders and begged on both knees to Dickie.  Everyone agreed to behave.

So, once again, I let the Koreans wax whatever, on my face, they deemed to be overly furry… I’ve learned it’s best not to argue with them.  Their words can be little verbal ninjas… and they hurt.

So, it is now about 2 PM on payday… after bills and today’s little excursions over half my check is gone…. It’s going to be a long 2 weeks.


6 thoughts on “Donations accepted, I’ll be in your local WalMart parking lot with my sign…

  1. I wanna work barefoot too! Glad you had a nice afternoon and a successful hair removal endeavor. I’m impressed the 3 boys were good!

    • Kim says:

      I’m amazed they were good… I should probably pay them, but I used all my ones at the strip club, I mean pizza place… funny how that just flows right out. lol

  2. when you find a rich older guy for me… older than you that is…..let me know….then maybe I can cook in a nice kitchen for everyone…he needs to like home cooking and german food. love what you have written…Patti

  3. You have kids and you manage to stay groomed.. I’m a little ashamed of my whining now. Yeah, I work barefoot when my shoes get uncomfortable: it’s awesome. But I have stepped in gum before (customers are swine)

    • Kim says:

      it’s baby steps… my brows may be waxed but my roots are over an inch long… I suspect thay being 100% pulled together is impossible. 🙂

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