There’s a Serial Mauler on the Loose…


July 1, 2011 by Kim

It’s never going to end.

I think I just need to realize that and move on.

2 more of Dickie’s stuffed animals were pulverized this afternoon.

I was laying in my room, after work, watching the 16 and Pregnant Reunion show on MTV

***I’m starting to think The Beast has something against teen moms***

and I once again walked out to a dining room full of fluff, at the close of the show

The victims were almost unrecognizable this time around.

They were later ID’d as Patrick Starfish and 1-Antler Reindeer

I wonder if Patrick knew it was coming… it seems as though it may have been planned out, following Spongebob’s messy demise earlier this week.

1-Antler Reindeer, I suspect, was a bit more personal though.

While Patrick was merely gutted of his fluff, 1-Antler Reindeer was gutted, ripped to shreds and chewed upon like cud.

I cussed The Beast out and put him in his cage.

I think we need an intervention…. STAT!




4 thoughts on “There’s a Serial Mauler on the Loose…

  1. Can you really blame him for the Sponge Bob and friend attacks? Really?

    • Kim says:

      Spongebob & friends are pretty high up on Dickie’s affection list… Maybe I should send a notice of caution to Justin Bieber.. lol

  2. Bobbi says:

    Oh my. Laughing so hard.

    I’m the parent of a (mostly) reformed mauler. Might I suggest to you Kong’s line of stuffing-free dog toys? Actually, we’ve moved almost exclusively to tennis balls and retrieving dummies now. But to be fair, mine has a rap sheet that includes the serial murder of several pairs of shoes and aggravated assault on both my dry wall and carpet. God I’m glad we’re out of that phase.

    So glad Kelly turned me onto your blog!

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