The Carnage…


June 24, 2011 by Kim

The carnage lay everywhere…

It was yet another blistering hot summer afternoon in the desert. The second day of Summer to be exact.  The air surrounding me was thick and dense. It lay heavy deep into my lungs as I struggled to breathe it in. I pushed my body across the black top as though my limbs were set in slow-motion.  Hell.  This must be a little glimpse of Hell.

 Three separate attempts were made at forming a complete coherent sentence as I walked towards the gate with ATC.  I felt an extreme need to say something witty and light-hearted. Anything that might lessen the burden of the hot weight pushing down on us. However, nothing that played across my ears made any kind of sense.  I knew, in my head, what I was trying to say, but it scrambled as it left my mouth.  ATC forced a dry painful laugh and I gave up.

 The car’s display panel announced an unwaivering 112 degrees, on the drive home from work.  I stared wearily at it and said a silent prayer that the air exploding out from the vents would turn from luke-warm to chilled…   in a hurry.

I made a wide left into our driveway and dragged myself into the familiarity of our home.  Straight to the bedroom. Straight to the bed. Done.

An hour and a half into the future with eyes glazed over from “16 and Pregnant” I stumbled towards the dining room.  I came to a complete stop in the entry way.

The carnage lay everywhere.

Fear, anger, confusion, disbelief… it’s almost comical how so many emotions can consume your being at once.

Maybe it was the extreme heat… maybe it was my semi-old age getting to me.

I just didn’t have the heart to fight… so the clean-up ensued…

As I plucked the last piece of cotton into the awaiting Wal Mart bag, a tiny sigh escaped from my lips.  I looked over towards the Beast… now secured in time out his cage. I shook my head at him, rolled my eyes towards the ceiling and headed to the trash can.

The weight of the Beast’s latest victim made a heavy thud into the bottom of the can.

With heavy heart, I closed the lid and stepped away… grateful that Dickie had remained outside, in the pool, through all of this.

Goodbye Mr. Sponge B Squarepants.  You’re time with us, on this Earth, was far too short.


12 thoughts on “The Carnage…

  1. The Hook says:

    Rest in Peace, Spongebob!
    Hilarious summer post.

  2. Spectra says:

    OMG, that’s histerical! I love it. Perfect finish and photo. A good read, nice writing. How did you manage to think clearly in this heat to write a post???

  3. Sharp says:

    my that is one sad story.. 😦

  4. Sponge Bob was too beautiful to remain on this earth.

  5. You never think it could happen to someone you know.

  6. mommygems says:

    Such a tragic death, Spongebob! This post is hilarious and I love it.. 🙂

  7. Not Spongebob!! How long before he notices?

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