Color blind…

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June 20, 2011 by Kim

Out of the mouths of babes…

It’s amazing how un-complex the world can be through a child’s eyes.

“What you favorite color is, Mom?”

I was used to this question from Dickie…  I answered my usual, “Blue” and repeated the question back towards him.

I was used to him answering “Orange”

He had been borderline obsessed with “Orange” for years.

Orange shirts, Orange cars, Orange plates, Orange shoes.

Orange was where it was at.

“Me like all colors, Mom”  “Me even like pink” “Me love all colors all time”

This is pretty much his standard answer now…

It’s almost like he’s holding it above my head.

See how much better I am than you… How can you be so narrow-minded with your “blue”

“Me love all colors”

“All time”


Yesterday Dickie presented Hubs with his Father’s Day present from school.

Hubs fawned over it and told Dickie that it was awesome

They hugged it out and Dickie retreated from the room.

I glanced over to Hub, who was still looking down at his gift.

It was a card, with a father and son on the front.

Dickie had colored it, using probably every crayon in the box.

“I wonder why he made me brown?”  Hubs wondered aloud.

I snatched the card away and sure enough… Hubs was brown.  Dark Brown.

Chocolate Brown.

I couldn’t help but laugh. 

I remember a couple of years ago, Daniel had received a “Student of the Month” award… or something like it.

Part of his personal celebration was to fill out an “All About Me” poster…

One of the questions on his poster asked what made him special.

“I’m the second whitest boy in my house”

When he brought THIS little surprise home, it had already hung in his classroom for the previous month.  I didn’t know what to be more horrified about…

The fact that he had actually WROTE that, or the fact that the teacher had chosen to DISPLAY it…

*shakes head*

and the kicker is…. he’s NOT the “second whitest boy in the house”

I don’t even know where he came up with that…

He is THE whitest person in this entire family.

I swear this kid probably glows in the dark…

White, white.

No color.

So last night… Anthony and I are talking about… something.

Who knows with that one, and somehow his Mexican heritage was brought up.

He looked at me stumped… I could honestly see the little wheels turning in his head.

I asked him what was the matter…

He said in a tone of disbelief  “I’m really Mexican?”

all I could do, at this point, was shake my head in bewilderment at my 10-year-old son.

“I just thought I was really tan”

OMG… What would I do without these kids… lol





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