You want fries with that…


June 16, 2011 by Kim

The other afternoon, I was sitting in the drive-thu at McDonalds

I hadn’t quite made it up to place my order yet and I had already been waiting longer than I would ever want to.

Backing up and leaving wasn’t an option as there was already a vehicle firmly in place behind me.

So I sat there… and stared off into space.

Finally, my time at the menu came…

I placed my family’s usual order and proceeded to the “1st window” to pay

I could tell, as I approached the window… debit card balanced on my lap, that it was pretty busy in there.

Pretty damned busy, to be exact.

Now, I never went through the teenage ritual of working at MickeyDs

but I did spend a few miserable months employed by Panda Express, at 16

I remember the Food Service Worker Frenzy well

Nothing within those 4 walls made me happy… and when things got hectic

…I hated it more

So my irritation was replaced by compassion as I reached the 2nd window and prepared to receive my food.

The boy at the window probably felt like he was going to spontaneously combust.

I knew that look, pulled tight over his face.

He DESPISED his job.

He passed me my drink tray without even looking me in the eyes.

His anxiety was high.

Shit, my anxiety was rising just watching his struggle.

As his co-workers started lining up my bags, next to him, he glanced over at them…

“Are these both hers?” he shouted back to the already disappearing co-worker

He rummaged through the bags, mumbling

A third bag was set down and he looked from the cluster of bags to me with wide panicked eyes.

“Are there ALL hers?” he nervously shouted to… anyone at that point.

He continued rifling through the bags, trying to make sense of all this food.

He glanced out at me

…I think, at this moment, he was actually trying to determine if he could fit through the drive thru window to make his escape.

I flashed him a grin and assured him that the bags where indeed all mine.

“I have a shit-load of kids” I joked.

Immediately a calm washed over his face and he chuckled and grinned back.

and that was when I had managed to turn a teenage McDonald’s worker day around.

for about 30 seconds.


3 thoughts on “You want fries with that…

  1. hahaha, go you. thats probably the highlight of his day!!

  2. I worked at a McDonald’s. You did a good thing! We have a new Papa John’s in our town, and ended up ordering pizza from there on Super Bowl Sunday. It was a disaster for them. Our entire town was buying pizza there and they all wanted it by kickoff. Papa John’s hadn’t put any extra staff on. It wasn’t a big deal for us so we ordered and asked when we should come back. The harried kid behind the counter looked grateful and said about 45 minutes. When my husband went back, he got there just in time to see that kid scream “I don’t need this!”, toss his hat down and walk out the door.

    • Spectra says:

      Well, you (both) already read my big “QUIT” story [government cheese] and I can easily feel the pain of any restaurant worker under that level of stress, as I had many a stint waitressing. Ugh! It. Just. Kills you.
      But I’d always be the one who stayed behind and picked up everyones stations and covered all the extra work. I had ulcers by the time I was 20. Me no do dat no mores.

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