Life as we know it, is about to change….


June 15, 2011 by Kim

For years I thought I was a part of something big.

I never knew why my little family was selected, but I could feel the rumble of something earth-shaking in our future.

I always managed to keep it a secret and guarded my suspicions as I would my very own life.

Change was coming.

and somehow, through the twists and turns of fate… we were going to be involved

It all started with 2 words.


/foo-bee * fab-er/

Dickie was officially diagnosed with a speech impairment at around age 3.

At that time, in his life, he had literally no vocabulary.

he would use about 5 to 7 one-syllable words

and that was about the extent of it.

As he was enrolled into special services we began to see some improvement…

a few new one-syllable words began to emerge.

Bus, me, boy, good

His speech was still considerably under-developed, but any progress was music to our ears.

One day, he was running amuck, throughout the house…

His energy exhausts me.

He skidded to a brief halt, in the living room

exclaimed “Fooby-Fabber”

and sped off.



From the boy that showed little to no interest in expanding his vocabulary past one-syllable?

I was dumb-founded.

Hubs and I racked our brains trying to figure out where this curious saying could have sprang from.

TV? A movie? School?

We attempted to have him tell us what is meant

However… it was to be his little secret.

Eventually we gave up and “Fooby-Fabber” became part of our lives…

Here and there.

He never abused the mystery term

It would just make an quick appearance and slide back into the shadows…

We never questioned it, after that.

Something about it seemed “bigger” than us.

and who were we to mess with destiny…

…with Fate

3 years later, “Fooby-Fabber” has been re-introduced to his vocabulary.

2 or 3 syllable are no longer such a surprise as they exit his mouth…

But, us and Fooby-Fabber had a score to settle.  We had history.

If we were going to co-exhist in some sort of harmony, Dickie was going to have to trust us with his secret.

That secret of “Fooby-Fabber”

3 years after Fooby-Fabber first passed passed through his lips, we decided to make another attempt at it’s meaning… or non-meaning

or whatever it could signify…

to us and possibly mankind.

After a few failed attempts, the light shined upon us.

The light that is “Fooby-Fabber”

…or as the average Kindergartener would say




…nothing to see here, folks…

Please move along.








2 thoughts on “Life as we know it, is about to change….

  1. The Hook says:

    Thanks for sharing. This was the best post I’ve read in some time!

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