The same name game…


June 13, 2011 by Kim

For the required reading behind this entry please click HERE!!!

That little ditty was written up by my friend/co-worker… also known as Abnormally Tall Coworker.  Yes, ATC is now my “friend” I try to make nice with people who could physically crush me like a bug…

and he could….

So anywho… Quit reading my crap and go read his crap… and then come back.

I’ll wait…

*elevator music*

Oh, you’re back… so nice to see you.

Did you enjoy??? Good.

Did you relate??? Good.

Me too.

I officially became “Kim R.” in the third grade.

I hated it.

I didn’t WANT to be Kim R.  I wanted to be Kim… and only Kim

no need for the additional initial

*dang… say that 5 times fast!*

So ATC’s blog today got me thinking…

What if the same name kids also shared a common first letter for their last names???

Then what?

There couldn’t be 2 Kim Rs … or 2 Chad Vs

…would they then also throw in your middle initial?

Kim J. R.

… 2 letters from the last name?

Kim Ra.

Would that have been pronounced Kim “Ra” or Kim R. A.

What if the “same name” kids ALSO shared the same last name???

Is that even allowed?

Do numbers come into play at that point?

Kim R. 1?  Kim R. 2?

Who would get which number??? Would it go by age? 

What if those kids ALSO shared a birthday???

Is that even LEGAL!?!?!


My head is spinning…



4 thoughts on “The same name game…

  1. Krystal says:

    we had three Kates in one of my high school classes. One went by Kate, another by Katie, and the 3rd by Katy Jane. Which was funny b/c her middle name wasn’t Jane.

    I would say by age– oldest you get your own name & then the others have to start going by nicknames.

  2. Krystal says:

    oh and I couldn’t help it…

    Kim kim bo bim banana fana fo fim me my mo mim, KIM!

  3. I’ve got one for you. There aren’t a lot of people that do sound for musical theater. The pool of guys that goes around on the road and in the city on the pink contract is around 100. Two of these guys have the exact same first AND last name, spelled the same. I had heard of them way before I ever met them, because of their reputations. Which is how we distinguish them when speaking of them. The Evil ____ _____ and The Good ____ ____. When we were loading in my show about six years ago, one of them came by and I met him for the first time. As he left, I asked my co workers, “Was the The Evil or The Good?” So they of course went and got him and he defended his position as The Good, which, in fact, he is.

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