How to properly abuse your golf cart…


June 12, 2011 by Kim

I spent a morning with Hubs, this weekend, discovering the joy of checking my Facebook and emails from our local golf course.

Thank goodness for a strong signal and a full battery.

and thank goodness for golf carts…



There are rules to these little carts of joy, though…


*You can NOT have a gentle foot when it comes to the brakes.  Hubs let me drive for a whole 45 seconds before he took back over the wheel.  I honestly thought I was going to have to jump out of the cart and throw myself in front of it to make it stop.

*They don’t like water

That water got considerably deeper towards the middle… where the cart shut off.  I was starting to feel like we were on Gilligan’s Island… just without the whole island thing.  Are you following me here… yeah, me neither.  Moving on

* The cup holder in nowhere near big enough to put your giant bottle of water in.

* If you’re with all males, there is a possibility of being ejected from the golf cart, during a sudden sharp turn.  If you manage to stay safely in your seat then there is an even stronger possibility of getting beaned in the head *accidentally* by an empty beer can thrown by the passenger of the cart your driver just successfully cut off.

*After discovering that your golf cart is not amphibious, it will die and come back to life… and die… and stay dead and come back to life.  It will play these mind games with you for a good half hour following its swim.

*They don’t like hills

at all…

3 separate attempts were made at this particular hill.  3 separate attempts failed.

Giving up and going around will not make you any less of a man.  I promise.

***5 Extra cool points for you if you noticed my shoe in that picture***



Slightly abused… but, still AWESOME!!!

Golf Cart… we love you.





3 thoughts on “How to properly abuse your golf cart…

  1. Why would they put all that water right next to the golf course if they didn’t want you to drive into it?

  2. The Hook says:

    The only way to golf, right?

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