Don’t cry over spilled milk…


June 10, 2011 by Kim

Reason 4,568,253 that I am ready for my kids to be done with school for the year…

especially kindergarten.

I am sick and tired of the weird crap that keeps getting shipped home.

Yeah, at first it was cute and you ooooooo’d and aweeeeee’d over their creations.

Every little thing was special in it’s own way

…even the breadcrusts left in their lunch box

But, today, I am officially over it.

I pulled this little bag o’ specialness out of Dickie’s backpack yesterday.

 I recoiled in HORROR thinking that, for whatever reason, he had brought a sandwich baggie full of rancid milk home.

Why, Dickie… WHY!?!?!

I glanced wearily at Dickie’s smiling face and imagined what would come next…

***Me like bag of milk, Mom… Bag of milk cool***

What a battle this was going to be.

I turned to Anthony who, for whatever reason, seems to know the hows and whys of the life of Dickie and tiredly asked what the heck was in the bag.

“It’s supposed to be Play-Doh, Mom”

what the huh?

I held the baggie up to my face…. squished its contents around with my free hand… and let out a sigh of relief.

Liquified Play-Doh is WAY better than spoiled milk any day.

Figuring that the substance may have to “harden” overnight, I left it on the counter as we retreated to bed.

This morning, after the kids had been deposited at school, I took a look at our bag of fun.

Somehow, overnight it had managed to become even MORE watery than it originally was!

Seriously, kindergarten… seriously?

I have been alone in this house for about 4 hours now and I still can’t bring myself to throw the defunct Play-Duh away…

The wrath of Dickie is nothing to be scoffed at.



4 thoughts on “Don’t cry over spilled milk…

  1. Tell him the dog ate it.

  2. Oh, I have to share this one with my daughter….a kindergarten teacher. Too funny!!

    • Kim says:

      hahaha… I finally told him to throw it away this morning. I just found it, 5 minutes ago, stuffed into the refrigerator. He’s not going down without a fight! 😉

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