Chimichanga… on a Stick

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June 9, 2011 by Kim

I managed to talk Hubs into taking me out to dinner tonight.

There’s a little Mexican place, near our house, that has some awesome margaritas

and to be honest, I could probably live off of chips and salsa, alone… for about 3 months straight.

Well, today was my Friday… and I got my wish.

Everything that I was served was delicious, as usual.

I was in my own little Mexican food heaven…

and then, as things usually seem to go in my life, it all took a turn for the weird.

I discovered, as I cut into my dinner, that my chimichanga was apparently having a mid-life crisis… 

It didn’t want to be a tasty chimichanga… Life was too stressful in the serious world of  the fried burrito…

My chimichanga wanted to be a Happy Meal.

Complete with a fun surprise inside!!!

Or maybe it wanted to be a corn dog…

a popsicle?

I’m pretty sure that a wooden stick was not listed on the menu, as part of my chimichanga.

….and if it was, I really need to start reading the menu closer

I’m actually somewhat impressed that this wooden stick was inside my burrito

I’m not even mad or disgusted in the least… I mean, crap.  It could have been a press-on toe-nail or something gross like that… but, alas, it was just a harmless stick

1 week earlier and I could have used it on Ant’s Mission

But, will I ever eat there again?

You know it.



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