The Reality of Summer…


June 8, 2011 by Kim


A simple word that brings an excited glimmer into the eyes of children. Muchly anticipated throughout the long dragging days of the school year. These are the three months that they live for. Summer is the closest thing to freedom that a child can experience.

Every adult I know has some kind of memorable summer tale from their childhood. Looking back, there seemed to be a sort of magic in the air. Every memory of my summertime antics had a sort of shimmer to it.

Sadly, for us, as we aged… so did Summer.  June, July and August don’t have that magical sound to them anymore. We grew older, life happened and Summer became… just another season.

Below I offer the ABCs of Summertime, as seem through the eyes of a stay-at-home mom

A is for the summer album that you swear you’re going to pull together, someday
B is for the 2 minute bike rides kids seem to take now. I swear I would be outside ALL DAY when I was a kid. My mom had to beg me to come in…. I can’t seem to keep these kids outdoors without utilizing the dead bolt.
C is for constant stimulation. There is no rest for the weary… Don’t even think about it.
D is for dirty dirty children. That smell should be bottled and used against evil.
E is for the early mornings wake-ups you’ll receive… The kid’s belly’s are still on school time and want to be fed…. now. Yes, you will have to get up. Or you could have them make their own breakfast. Do you REALLY want to face that mess later?
F is for the four extra baskets of laundry that somehow materialize every week during the summer. Damned fashionistas.
G is for grocery store. The place you seem to be going a LOT more…. how much can they eat! This better be a growth spurt.
H is for the heat. I use to LOVE being outside in the summer… now, I’m thankful that my mailbox is right next to my door.
I is for ice. Your 3-year-old is now demanding it in all of his drinks. Demanding.
J is for juice… you stopped buying it and downgraded to generic flavored drink mix. Juice is expensive, stop looking at me like that!
K is for kids…. namely the strange ones in your backyard, front-yard and sometimes the bathroom…. Do they even live on my street?
L is for lunch…. a meal that your little angels are usually not home for. The first couple days you cheerily prepare their sandwiches and chips. By day 5… you’re pretty much over it.
M is for the Music de la Ice Cream Truck .. You are now humming that little ditty 22 hours a day… and NO you don’t have any change!
N is for nothing…. Really…. I’ve got nothing for N.
O is for open doors…. Close the door is quickly becoming your most used statement and you’re becoming a little paranoid that the kids are mimicking you behind your back each time you belt it out.
P is for the inflatable pool that you purchased and was ruined after 3 days.
Q is for quiet … you might have 3-4 hours of it at night…. LATE at night
R is for the rage you try to keep from boiling over when you realize that your expensive diet stash that you keep on the top shelf has been raided by youngsters that definitely do NOT have a weight problem
S is for swimsuits …. they’re everywhere. Hanging over everything.
T is for TV…. seriously, what is that? Oh, the thing the Wii is attached to.
U is for understanding. You’re going to need it. A lot of it.
V is for the violence your 7-year-old is inflicting on his older brother. He became a ninja in mid-June. I thought you knew.
W is for your water bill after your hose has been left on for 2 straight weeks. Thanks kids.. if I gave you allowance, this would SO be deducted.
X is for all the possible X-rays you see flashing before your eyes.. get off the bed, get off the arm of the couch, get off the roof! Now go play on the trampoline!
Y is for youth… the thing you realize day after day is escaping you.
Z is for zebra butt… which you now, after a trip to the zoo, have 27 pictures of thanks to your 7-year-old who wanted to man the camera.


One thought on “The Reality of Summer…

  1. interesting insights you are sharing. I admire the way you are writing it. Is there any way I could sign up for more?

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