Mission Accomplished…


June 5, 2011 by Kim

Somewhere between Friday and today, a Mission was built.

Friday morning, as I scurried around Wal-Mart, trying to decide what materials would be needed, I felt this project was doomed.

I went back and forth between the crafts section and the school supplies about 40 times.

I’m sure I raised a few eyebrows by my 15th lap… pushing a cart that was only occupied by a tube of toothpaste.

Finally, I made my selections, and with a heavy heart I trudged to the checkout line.

As I slide my debit card, I realized that a Mission Kit would have probably been the cheaper route to go.


I got home and lay my findings onto the kitchen table and pondered where exactly I was going to go with this…

I had a vision in my head… but, I now realized that I had an incredibly long weekend in front of me.

The project was worked on and off throughout the weekend.

I even let Ant help out a handful of times

Proof of Ant’s assistance on the project… *AKA* Here, hold this paintbrush so can take a picture! Don’t touch it though!!!

The whole experience was actually surprisingly  calm.

You have to understand… I don’t do “calm”

Especially when it come to assembling things.

Let me take you back about…. 13 years.

It was time for Daniel’s crib to be put together…

Me, being the independent woman that I am, decided that I should undertake this task alone.

My mom, knowing that her daughter can be a complete basket case at times, peered into the room from the safety of the door frame, as I worked.

I cussed

I muttered

I threw a temper tantrum

I flung a hammer at the wall.

but, the crib got assembled.

So, back to the Mission…

Melt-downs were almost non-existent… other than the 30 minute stand-off I had trying to get the roof to “stick”

It did not want to stick.

I considered, briefly, forcing Ant to submit his Mission “topless”

and somehow, early Sunday morning, everything came together…

I have to admit, I’m kind of proud…

and now we just have to find a safe place to keep this, so it’ll be ready once Dickie starts the 4th grade.






One thought on “Mission Accomplished…

  1. […] 1 week earlier and I could have used it on Ant’s Mission […]

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