I thought his eyes were blue…


June 4, 2011 by Kim

Dickie has always been the jealous kind.

If the older boys partake in something…

Dickie must too.

Whether it’s an activity, some clothing, a possession, a favorite phrase…

Dickie’s all up on that.

I’ve actually had to veto some of Nana’s Christmas suggestions for the older boys, because no matter how well they hide and/or lock up their possessions…. Dickie will find a way to get them.  He has scaled closet shelves…  snuck through hallways under the cover of early morning’s darkness, blackmailed, lied, cheated and deceived.

He really is a force to deal with.

A force that I can honestly say I was in no way shape or form prepared for!

The older 2 boys have, within the last year or 2, been given cell phones.

One kid was able to keep his, while the other’s was lost.

I won’t name names or anything…  I mean, I wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone as to the fact that his YOUNGER brother is far more responsable than HE is…



So, we are now down to 1 kid having a cell phone.

Dickie, in all his 6 years or wisdom, is dumbfounded as to why he too, can not have a cell phone.

I tried to calm his inner green-eyed-monster by gifting him with an old cell phone of mine.  An old cell phone that had, of course, been shut off.

Dickie was not having any of that nonsense.

“Mom, battery need charge.  Phone no working”

I explained that the phone was shut off and even if we did charge the battery, the phone would still not work…

“Mom… turn me phone ON!”

I then explained that I was not going to get the phone reactivated and that it was his to just play with.

He walked away mumbling and as he entered his room I’m pretty sure I heard the thud of his deactivated phone hitting something.  Possibly Anthony.

Such is life…

A few days ago Dickie produced this, from the depths of his pocket.

“Mom… me got phone number from me friend”

“Me need phone”

I studied the numbers scrawled on the 2 pieces of paper.  Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure that 200-1100 is definitely NOT a number from anywhere around here.

and for the millionth time in his life he was the recipient of a “No” from Mom.

Payback’s a bitch, though… and I should have known that.

My price to pay was a small one, this time…

As I realized that he had, at some point, had gotten a hold of my cell phone and proceeded to call and hang up on half of my contact list…

Guess I need to find a new hiding spot…



One thought on “I thought his eyes were blue…

  1. The Hook says:

    Just say, “The Hook doesn’t even have a phone!” That should shut him up.

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