Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It…


June 2, 2011 by Kim

I absolutely hate school projects!

Seriously… when did all these extra requirements come into play!

I, for one, never had to build a model of a California Mission and I happen to think I turned out just fine.


We had disastrous results with the yearly Science Fair this year.

As usual, my kids failed to tell me it was Science Fair time, until we were within DAYS of the due dates.

We manged to slop together some lackluster projects for both of them and knowing that Anthony is now in the 4th grade… and 4th grade is “Build a California Mission” year…. I pulled him into a quiet corner of the house and threatened him with his remaining childhood… He promised I would know about the project with plenty of time to spare.

At some point last week I vaguely recall him mentioning the Mission project.

However my mind was preoccupied with housework and my job and shutting their tiny little voices out of my thoughts and the message somehow slipped away.

Ant chose to remind me again, yesterday…. in the car, at the McDonald’s drive-thru as I was getting our dinner.

Attempting to appear interested, I asked when it was due.

Thursday was his response.

I slowly looked away from the menu and studied his little round face.

Thursday?  As in….. tomorrow “Thursday”?

He furrowed his little brow in thought…. probably estimating his chance of escape if he chose to flee the car and bravely nodded his head yes.

Tomorrow, Thursday…

I suddenly had the urge to open his door and push him out of the car.

I refrained.

Through clenched teeth I informed him that there was no way in Hell we would be able to pull off the Mission overnight.

He gently, one hand on the door handle, reminded me that he had initially told me about the project last week.

My brain trudged back through 6 days of memories and stumbled over the conversation.


To cover my own ass, I told him that even 6 days was unreasonable… and that we would not have gotten it done in that amount of time either.

I was then informed that “Insert 2 female names here… got theirs done in time.”

and that, my friends, is when the switch flipped in my brain… at the McDonald’s drive-thru

I hazily recall shrieking at him that so and so’s moms probably don’t WORK and I’m SO FREAKING SORRY that I don’t have endless hours of free time to work on a Mission and that I was stressed out and that work sucks… and Missions suck… and those 2 girls suck…. and only giving us 6 FLIPPING days sucks and everything sucks.  Sucks Sucks Sucks.

Pausing to catch my breath, I glared over at him and saw him staring out the front windshield with a solitary fat tear rolling down his puffy cheek…. an angry look plastered across his eyes.

Everything, right that instant softened in me.

I reached over and ran my fingers across his newly cut hair… feels like velvet.

He glanced at me out of the corner of his eye and braved a tiny smile.

I told him we were going to fix this and that if he could convince the teacher to give us until Monday, we’d have something to turn in.

He seemed happy with that and the hardness on his face disappeared.

So this will be the weekend of the California Mission.

Prepare yourself, craft section of Wal-Mart!

Challenge accepted!




5 thoughts on “Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It…

  1. I’m the evil parent that assists only minimally with these projects. That sucks though, build a California mission is a pretty major undertaking for 4th grade. I think even *I* would have to help out with that one. One of my kids had to do a phases of the moon project. She did it with Oreos.

  2. mommygems says:

    In my mind, I can clearly picture the scenario. I hope you get to finish the mission on time. 🙂 I love the part when you reached over and touched his hair, so sweet!

  3. Krystal says:

    I recall quite a bit of stuff at Michael’s craft store…there was even a california missions poster! Though I feel I am late to this post… :-/

  4. The Hook says:

    My wife can sympathize! Good luck.

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