So we meet again…


May 27, 2011 by Kim

I don’t know why I keep letting those damned people torture me…

I went to the nail shop this morning for my first pedicure of the season.

I called and invited my momma to go with me… for 2 reasons

1. We don’t spend enough quality time together

2. I needed someone to interact with, so I could ignore the Koreans talking shit to each other under their breath…

About 10 minutes into my pedicure, my big toe somehow managed to get cut.

My good LORD that stung.

I tried to be a big girl about it, but even as I write this I can still feel the throbbing pain radiating from my newly polished toe.

I knew I needed to get the brows waxed again…  and in remembrance of my last trip to the salon….   I opted to ask for the lip to be done too…  I figured I’d save us all the hassle and energy and just go with it.

Well, I have no idea WHAT kind of wax they use there… but I honestly think that I may be physically unable to ever grow hair there again.

I guess that’ll teach me for being such a hairy beast…

I wonder, in the end, what would have been more noticeable… a little bit of peach-fuzz or the red, swollen, heat-radiating upper lip that I’ve been sporting for the last hour or two.

I’m not going to win with these people… I don’t know why I even bother…




2 thoughts on “So we meet again…

  1. Once I got my nails done and was trying to show them off to my husband and he goes, “They look red,” and I go, “No, actually it’s pink,” and he goes, “No, your skin around them. It looks like you’re injured.” Sigh. I told him that if I got them done more often that wouldn’t happen. All BS aside, if you have a European Wax Center by you, check it out. Different wax, different technique= hurts way less.

  2. The Hook says:

    Who knows why we do anything we do? Just hang in there, you’ll be fine.

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