Are you picking up what I’m throwing down…


May 27, 2011 by Kim

Another oldie but goodie from 2008… My “stay-at-home mom* years


Tomorrow will bring a small bite-sized slice of sanity back to my life.

School will resume.

This has been my first ever summer as a stay at home mom.

I won’t look back.. no tears will I shed.

With Daniel beginning Middle School, fashion is beginning to matter.

Gone are the days of shopping in bulk for cartoon adorned T-shirts in various colors.

10 dollar backpacks.. I think not!

Grocery store shoes are not even in our vocabulary.

I will admit, I am a bit more into it then he is….

He wants to look nice… and I know how to pull it together 😉

He’ll thank me later… 

…and now we come to Anthony…. stumbling into 2nd grade.

My little guy… right?   Right?

Yeah… so he wears the same size pants, shirts, and shoes as Daniel.

Spiderman shirts are still do-able ….

Thank goodness.

My diva, however, is sprinting ahead in the fashion department…

 I swear if I have to flip the visor mirror up one more time while I’m trying to drive…..

I have resorted to having to mark his clothes…. so he can not try to lay claim to any of Daniel’s slightly more name-branded apparel.

He wants to look nice… and how dare I try to stop him.

So here we are… tonight…

Backpacks are packed….

The all exalted “first day” outfits are laying out in their rooms.

I forced a quick preview of the outfits earlier….

Daniel, all’s good

Anthony, all’s good… after one switched shirt.

While Anthony was admiring his outfit…. he smoothed down his shirt.. gave a little pivot and I heard him mumble that the girls are going to be “all up on him in this”

Because I enjoy humiliating the child I asked him to repeat his comment.

He reddened…. smoothed his Spiderman shirt again and quietly asked me if I thought the girls would like his outfit, posing just slightly this time.

Yes, Anthony….. I’m sure they will.

 Somebody help us…. lol

…and for the record, Dickie HAD to carry around a lunch box all day too..

He packed it with a capri sun…. a package of gummis…. and a can of vienna sausages… lol



2 thoughts on “Are you picking up what I’m throwing down…

  1. Posky says:

    I like the non-nameband stuff. “I want muscles” is a great slogan.

  2. Vienna sausages. Awesome.

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