Them little things…


May 24, 2011 by Kim

Sometimes I have to wonder what it’s like to clock out of your job and actually be “off” for the rest of the day.

My “official” workday starts at 630AM and ends at about 4PM… those are the hours where my productivity… or lack of, at times, draws a paycheck.

The remaining moments of the day are pretty much pro bono.

It never ends…

Today, for example…

As soon as I walk in the door, the shit hits the fan…

well, maybe not RIGHT as a walked in, but within the first 5 minutes.

It seems that no matter what kind of day I’ve had at work.. home can and will always trump it.

To make a long story short, everything that happened from 4:25PM and on has been a whirlwind of annoyance, irritation, cooking and glares.

… from both sides, I’m sure.

Sometimes when things are just a continuous spiral of “blah”… it’s the little things that mean the most.

Even noticing something mildly humorous out of the corner of your eye…

can make a difference and remind you how to smile

…or smirk, whatever works…

As I was bustling around the kitchen, getting dinner slopped onto plates and pouring drinks into plastic cups, I could feel the irritation rising.

God, I hate that feeling.

As the kids were all feed and watered I began work on my own supper.

I pulled my favorite glass out of the cabinet and grabbed the Diet Pepsi from the refrigerator…

I set them on the counter and turned back to the microwave… after I was sure that my leftover spaghetti was properly nuked,  I turned back to pour my drink…

Well, Well, Well…

Isn’t that Ironic?

Dont’cha think?

A Coca Cola glass… and A big ol’ Diet Pepsi….

It almost seems like it shouldn’t be done…

What kind of horrors could be unleashed if I paired these 2 arch enemies?

Could it cause some kind of butterfly wing effect, that would span across the globe…

Could it spark the apocalypse?

For reals, this time….

Would the drink even flow into the glass…. or would some strange Coke forcefield deter it’s nemesis liquid from entering the glistening soda capsule.

Somethings probably should NOT be messed with….

But, who am I to decide what’s right…


3 thoughts on “Them little things…

  1. That’s a;most as bad as dividing by zero!

  2. When you accept a job it’s hard to anticipate how much time you’ll actually spend doing the job and how much time you’ll spend thinking about the job and doing extra things after hours. If I could add it all up I wonder how much less I’d be making per hour than I anticipated.

  3. I think you created either a worm hole, or world peace.

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