Rub a dub dub…


May 23, 2011 by Kim

I have never liked taking showers.

It’s not that I like being dirty… I just would rather use every second of my time doing something that makes me happy.

I’ll venture to say that I’ve taken, roughly, 10,220 showers in my life.

at about 15 minutes per shower… that’s 153,300 minutes

2,555 hours

…somewhere around 106 days spent showering

I mean, really….

Last night, however, I actually had a nice shower.

As I turned off the hot water and stepped over the tub into the steamy bathroom, I inhaled a deep breath.  The air surrounding me was hot and moist… all I could smell was my favorite bodywash and shampoo.

I wiped the steam off the mirror and began to comb through the knots in my hair.

The bathroom door slowly creaked open as our dog pushed his way into the bathroom, with me….

He sniffed the air happily…. glanced into the bathtub… and retreated back into the bedroom.

I laughed at his curiosity and continued with my hair

about 3.5 seconds later a new smell was introducing itself to my nostrils.

an odor… only describable as “the worst case of canine flatulence ever known to mankind”

….and it lingered

oh, you KNOW it lingered…

Thanks dog, thanks


One thought on “Rub a dub dub…

  1. What a perfect way to end a nice shower. You don’t want to smell like bodywash too long or people will start to expect it.

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