The beginning of the End…


May 21, 2011 by Kim

Early yesterday morning, while at work, cubey-neighbor-to-the-left commented over our wall that Macho Man Randy Savage had passed away.

While I knew that he was a wrestler, I had forgotten about his greatest legacy…

Freakishly Tall Co-worker, who is fully aware of my low-carb diet induced love affair with these little meaty sticks, quickly reminded me.

There was quite honestly a moment of silence.

Reaching into my desk drawer I exclaimed that I had 2 or possibly 3 Slim Jims in my purse…. and that we should “Snap into a Slim Jim” in Randy Savage’s memory.

Oh yeahhhhhh!

I rustled through my bottomless pit purse for a good 2 minutes before it struck me.

My stockpile of SJs were missing.

I sat at my desk, dumbfounded…  I always have a ration of these little treats in my purse.

There are certain things that I know I can’t leave the house without…

my wallet

car keys

migraine medicine

and Slim Jims

“They’re gone”  I whispered

 …without missing a beat, Freakishly Tall Co-worker suggested the possibility of a “Slim Jim Rapture”

and we howled with laughter.

But now, today, I sit here at home… wondering where all the Slim Jims have gone.

Where they just too good and pure for the likes of this world…

or, as Hubs suggested… Did I eat them all?



3 thoughts on “The beginning of the End…

  1. Man. People are making rapture jokes like there is no tomorrow…

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