A Star is Born…


May 17, 2011 by Kim

Another blast from the past… The Texas Days (2008)



Tonight was the big night.  Anthony’s 1st grade musical thingamabob.

The afternoon went as it normally does… Older children bounding in from school.

Younger child forcing siblings to fawn over him.

After dinner I had Anthony jump in the shower, so he’d be nice and refreshed for his big performance.  He got dressed in his required red shirt and blue jeans and I even took the time to make his hair look presentable.

Maybe it was that last burst of hairspray towards his head that changed him…

Maybe it was Daniel’s annoying over-excitement about the upcoming program…

Maybe it was the fact that he got a new shirt out of the whole deal.

But, something changed him.

As he strolled out of the bathroom he morphed into a DIVA.

He casually asked if I was going to watch the program to which I answered yes…

I mean come on… would I really be doing your hair if I didn’t have to claim you afterwards????

I jokingly asked if I looked OK to accompany him….

He quietly insinuated that I should do something with my hair.

I grabbed my hairbrush and gave him a dirty look…

He ignored my death glare and sauntered back to the mirror to… primp?


To get under his skin a little bit, I told him he looked funky.

“You’re funky!!!”  was his response.

I then explained to him that you never ever ever call someone, who has the power to ground you, “funky”

Without missing a beat he told me

“Not FUNKY….. funky, funky…. like hip hop!”

I was somehow able to stop laughing before we had to leave for the school.

Minutes before his departure he was loitering by the coffee pot.

He glanced over at me.

“I really am a big star, mom”

Cue the laughter

“Really.. I am.  Stop laughing”

So, we made it through the program… pretty decent for a 1st grade production.

and I collect my diva….luckily neither of us found each other’s hair too embarrassing.

As my 3 boys and I walk the short walk home Anthony looks up at me

and asks if we can move to L.A.


One thought on “A Star is Born…

  1. The Hook says:

    You never know, you could have the next Leo or Justin Beiber on your hands…

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